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2019 | London

Cadbury Creme Egg Hunting Season was in its 3rd year but with a flat budget, longer Easter season and no new news we needed to reinvent the game. We created a first of its kind Easter Egg Hunt, hiding Creme Eggs where you would least expect to find them - in other brands adverts. Solving our client's challenge and simultaneously addressing a key industry challenge, we made consumers stop, search and scour ads again. With a multi-media ecosystem and image recognition technology, we built the UK’s biggest Egg Hunt, receiving over 635,000 entries and increasing sales by 45% vs 2018 in just three months.

v x10 Dwell Time Increased Dwell time on our partners' ads were up to 10 times the industry benchmark.

The Challenge
Cadbury Creme Egg (CCE) is uniquely only available for five months of the year.

The Creme Egg Hunting Season campaign was in its third year – built from the idea that, due to the scarce and temporary nature of the product, you needed to hunt it down before it was gone.

In 2018 we had driven engagement with the ‘The Hunt is on’ campaign by hiding a limited amount of White Creme eggs in-store and prompting consumers to find these elusive eggs.

For 2019 we wanted to keep the same fundamental creative idea of the White Creme Egg Hunt – but we wanted to super-charge it.

To free it from the store and extend it into the wider world – hence driving greater fame and participation.

To create a fresh hook to satisfy our 16-34 audience’s thirst for new news.

But, with a limited budget, we would have to think of a smart way to do it.

Insight & Strategy
Cadbury’s Creme Egg (CCE) is loved across the UK, but our bullseye audience is the traditionally hard-to-reach 16-34-year-olds, who are moving away from traditional media and tend to skip and block ads.

We worked from the insight that this young demographic enjoys rich and mutually beneficial brand experiences. So, we built an activation that appealed to this behaviour, turning a traditional Easter egg hunt into a multimedia experience like no other. ​

We brought back the super sought after, limited edition White CCE, but this time the innovation would come from where we hid the eggs.

In a media first, we hid these delicious, gooey goodies in the last place people would have expected to find them.

Rather than hiding them in our channels, we hid them in the channels of other brands: their creative, websites, blogs and videos.

In short, we turned their ads into our ads. ​

A targeted, meticulous process saw us identify and negotiate partnerships with 12 brands - willing not just to join in on the hunt but also let us 'hack' their advertising. These brands included LVMH, Google, Unilever, Benefit and Lionsgate.

With partners on hand, we activated a two-phase strategy. ​

Firstly, to announce the hunt, we released clues to our audience in CCE branded ads. ​

We then hid the iconic eggs across our brand partners' advertising, directing successful hunters to Image recognition technology allowed participants to upload a screengrab of the egg and 'unwrap' to win a prize. These prizes included winning the coveted White Creme Eggs & up to £10,000 cash.

We posted clues across social media about which brands might be hiding eggs.

YouTube utilised the un-skippable five-seconds of ad space to signpost a 'hunting' opportunity in the following skippable seconds.

In Press and digital, we partnered with media owners such as Metro and TimeOut, hiding eggs both within content and ads.

Finally, in OOH, we utilised large format sites in high footfall locations, PoS panels, using LivePoster technology to countdown the hunting days left and advising how many White Cadbury Creme Eggs left to find within that region. ​




v x10 Dwell Time Increased Dwell time on our partners' ads were up to 10 times the industry benchmark.
A 177 PR Coverage Received We created so much buzz that we received 177 pieces of media coverage across the season, adding to the frenzy of the hunt.
r 760,00+ Entries Received The campaign drove extremely high levels of active participation.
E 45% Sales increased by 45% Our innovative approach to media increased sales of Creme Egg by 45% vs. 2018

Creme Egg exceeded all expectations in terms of media and social conversation and our brand-new campaign, got the whole nation hunting for the gooey goodies that we’d hidden in the places you’d least expect to find them – other brands' ads.

Aislinn Campbell Brand Manager, Mondelēz
Media Week Award | Media Innovation

Media Week Award | Media Innovation

Gold 2019

+3 Other Awards

Media Week Award | Media Idea - over £1M - Silver
Cannes Media Lion | Use of Print/Outdoor - Shortlisted
Marketing Week Masters | Sponsorship and Partner Marketing - Winner

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