How Arla's Innovative Ad Made Milk the Talk of the Town

Photo Credit: Ocean Outdoor Photo Credit: Ocean Outdoor
Photo Credit: Ocean Outdoor

Within marketing, out-of-home (OOH) advertising presents a unique canvas for brands to not only catch the eye but also leave a lasting impression. This was exemplified in Arla's recent outdoor campaign, which stood out significantly in Kantar’s 'The Works' study. This study, an insightful analysis conducted in collaboration with Marketing Week and the Advertising Association’s Trust Working Group, delves into the impact of various advertising formats.

Arla emerged as the front-runner in October's OOH creative effectiveness, according to the study. Engaging 750 consumers for their perceptions and feedback, Kantar’s research highlighted the key elements that make OOH ads resonate with audiences.

The 3D Twist in Advertising

What set Arla's Lactofree campaign apart was its ingenious use of 3D installations. Picture this: a Lactofree milk carton seemingly bursting out of its billboard confines, creating a visually stunning illusion of milk being poured. This creative execution not only caught the eye but also captured the imagination of viewers, as reflected in the survey where many cited its 'eye-catching' nature as a significant factor in its effectiveness.

Beyond Visual Appeal: Sparking Conversations

Lynne Deason, Kantar’s head of creative excellence in the UK, points out that the success of OOH ads is not just in their ability to attract attention but also in sparking discussions. Arla’s special build at Westfield, London, did just that, with 37% of people expressing their likelihood to talk about the ad with others. This extension of reach beyond the physical location of the ad is a testament to its impactful design and message delivery.

Distinctive and Memorable Brand Messaging

Arla's installation didn’t just stop at being visually appealing; it excelled in conveying key brand messages. Ranking in the top 15% for distinctiveness and the top 40% in branding, the ad efficiently communicated Arla's name and product. More importantly, in a competitive dairy-free market, it stood out in the top 5% for clarifying that the milk is lactose-free.

The Power of Simplicity

Kantar’s eye-tracking research revealed that the 3D carton was the primary focus for viewers, followed by the brand logo and the 'easier to digest' message. Deason emphasises the importance of simplicity in advertising, noting that cluttering an ad with multiple messages can dilute the core message. This principle was evident in the respondents' feedback, who appreciated the ad's simplicity and clear communication that the product is lactose-free.

Photo Credit: Marketing Week Photo Credit: Marketing Week
Photo Credit: Marketing Week


Arla’s campaign showcases the power of innovative OOH advertising in capturing public attention, sparking conversations, and delivering clear, impactful brand messages. Its success underlines the importance of creativity and simplicity in creating advertisements that not only draw the eye but also leave a lasting impression on the viewer.

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