Another Cannes (Lions) in the Can for Pringles

In a groundbreaking move in 2021, Pringles smashed through the boundaries of reality and unleashed Frank The Zombie, a flesh-craving undead creature, straight from the realm of video games and into our world. This spine-chilling companion quickly became the dream for gamers everywhere, defying all expectations and blurring the lines between what's real and what's make-believe.

But Pringles wasn't content with stopping there. They had a whole new dimension to unveil in 2022 - the world of video games themselves. Imagine being offered a paid job as a Non-Playable Character (NPC) in a virtual universe where you don't even have to lift a finger! It was a mind-blowing concept that pushed the boundaries of what's possible, catapulting Pringles to the forefront of innovation and adventure.

As if the buzz around this campaign wasn't already deafening in the 2023 awards season, it has continued to make waves in the advertising world, garnering more recognition at the prestigious Cannes Lions Festival. With multiple shortlist nominations and a Silver Lion win in the Entertainment Lions for Gaming, the campaign has proven its creative excellence and success. We are here to celebrate the campaign's achievements and acknowledge the talented teams' collaborative efforts. 

A Collaborative Effort
The success of this Pringles campaign was only possible with the combined efforts and contributions of various teams. We want to thank and acknowledge our dentsu brothers and sisters - dentsu entertainment, Gleam Futures, Posterscope and DDLin addition to Grey, Xbox, Dovetail Games, Twitch, Havas Red, Yahoo! and Zeal for their valuable contributions and collaboration throughout the campaign. 

Continued Success for "Stay In The Game"
Pringles' brand platform, "Stay In The Game", continues to be a shining example of innovative marketing campaigns. Pringles NPC is the second campaign to have received recognition at Cannes Lions, further solidifying its impact in the advertising industry. In 2022, "The Pringlesonic Chip" campaign received a silver in the Radio & Audio Lions. 

You can read the full case study here.

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