Thomas Cook is helping families bond on holiday


Families are holidaying more than they have for years, but many worry that this time together still isn't enough to properly bond. Thomas Cook is helping by creating special activities in-built into its own-brand hotels. In doing so, it can become a champion of family values in customers' eyes.

Thomas Cook is launching several new initiatives aimed at transforming the family holiday. With the help of psychologist Dr. Sam Wass, who is the on-screen scientist for Channel 4 show The Secret Life of 4, 5 and 6 year olds, the travel company is trialling so-called 'book boxes' that encourage families to read together, as well as restaurant tablecloths that stimulate conversation around their hotel's dinner table. "Parents often have to work hard and, of the time we do spend together, parents and children spend much of it in their own private worlds, staring at screens," says Wass. "But in fact, there’s a huge amount of research suggesting that it’s the time spent together – talking, and doing shared activities as a family – that is most beneficial both for children and their parents."

Britons are holidaying more now than they have since 2011, with families who have kids over five travelling the most, taking an average of 4.5 trips a year. And with research from Thomas Cook finding that 74% of parents feel they lack quality time with their children, taking a vacation offers a rare opportunity for families to bond. In fact, when on holiday, parents spend almost four times as much time reading with their kids compared to a typical weekday, while time spent talking about daily activities with kids rises from 34 minutes to 244 minutes. But with 8.3 million UK parents concerned about their children's tech use on holiday, companies that help connect families can become an important marker brand that establish a place in the family's story.




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