#TheBigDig Final Day: Real Time Tales


Last week we were treated to the fourth instalment of #thebigdig, albeit a little late thanks to the tube strike! The theme was Real Time Tales and here Alicia Barham tells us how the Dentsu Aegis Network has leveraged Social Insight to deliver better quality service to clients."

#TheBigDig Insight evaluation tech trends social social media real time

Real time insights

First up, Andrew Fairclough and Bram Meuleman unveiled DAN’s way of working for delivering real time content from culturally-relevant insight, at scale. We do this by mobilising the capabilities of the wider network: using real-time insight to inform and connect the best creative and content teams, and then distributing that content across all bought, owned, and earned channels – not just digital, but traditional broadcast media too. The process comes full-circle with continuous evaluation and optimisation. The great thing about this model is that it leverages the unique nature of DAN, enabling us to tap into a variety of expertise that can inform any campaign or business challenge – we really are redefining media!

How behavioural insight informs smarter content distribution

Ed Digby then moved us onto an example of how Segments+ analysis helps to inform content creation and distribution, in enabling us to understand more about the digital behaviours of our brands’ target audiences.

By filtering clients’ audience segments through CCS to gain broad insights into our audiences’ lifestyles and attitudes, we can use social listening to get under the skin of sub-audiences. In so doing, we uncover who our digital audiences are and what they do on social; activities they are interested in, the brands they are interested in, what their needs are, where they are talking, when they are talking, whether they are creators or sharers, and the type of content they share with their own communities. This analysis also enables us to identify social influencers within each segment, through whom the brand can better reach their audiences.

From a social stand-point, this analysis enables us to better-target our audiences at the right time with the right content – delivering better ROI for our clients.

Social data vis and warehousing

Next up, Mick Conroy from the Tempero Insight team came in to show us a bespoke data warehouse and visualisation tool that they’ve built for a client by using Tableau and Alteryx. In its set-up, the community management team tags social conversations specific to their client’s needs. This allows the insight team to analyse the type of social activity that drives highest impact amongst audiences, the impact of TV on social, variations between markets, and the types of customer service requests the brand is receiving across social.

This model is accessible to all stakeholders – from the client to the community management team, so that they are able to make strategic decisions based on real-time data.

Driving business results through insight

Simon Mayfield treated us to the final case study, which focussed on MasterCard’s use of Social Insight for the brand’s sponsorship BRITs, which was twofold: to inform planning for the BRITs and to prove business results at the end.

Through social listening, we were able to source ‘super fans’ of MasterCard’s BRITs ambassadors on Twitter. Simply put, these ‘super fans’ had to be a serious fan of MasterCard’s ambassadors. This was judged by layering conversations in various ways and assessing how prolifically fans spoke about the artists and how gushing their love was. In undertaking this analysis, we were able to identify 50 people who truly deserved #pricelesssurprises, which was to attend a private gig. In addition, one ‘super fan’ was surprised by the artist in person and had the opportunity to attend the BRITs.

Carat identified two of the four final surprisees, who were able to deliver 3.1m Twitter earned impressions relating to their surprises via their own Twitter accounts, as well as PR exposure in Harper’s Bazaar and a BBC Radio interview. In sourcing true fans on Twitter, we were confident that the final list we provided would deliver earned business value for MasterCard – and we were right.

#TheBigDig Insight evaluation tech trends social social media real time
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