#thebigdig - Day 1: Story-telling through Insight – Matt Taylor, Twitter’s Head of Research for Europe


The Big Dig is upon us - highlighting the best of insight and evaluation from across the Dentsu Aegis Network. We’re bringing together some highlights and key points from across the week’s event – here, Samuel Miller, Insight Executive at Carat, reports on the ‘Story-telling through Insight’ session.

#TheBigDig Insight
The ‘Story-telling through Insight’ session kicked off with a keynote speech from Matt Taylor, Head of Research for Europe at Twitter.
To begin, he sounded the insight klaxon – RESEARCH/INSIGHT IS CHANGING. 
The expansion and availability of easy-to-use online research tools, such as Survey Monkey, has democratised the research process. No longer do you have to have the experience housed in an insight or research team. Everyone has the option to run research themselves. 
So where does this leave an Insight or Research team? A problem facing these teams is the lack of clarity about research outcomes and how they can drive value for their own companies and clients.
Taylor’s solution? ‘Be the guide’. 
Research teams have to use their expertise to maximise the relationship with consumers and help their companies to interpret all the data that they have coming in, so that everything can be led by insight.
For insight is it speed or precision that adds value to a business? The answer is obviously both but agility is good. In the current dynamic environment, research needs to be more accountable in a shorter time period. How quick can you get to an answer? Research must have direction; it is a necessity to know where it’s going. 
Clients are bringing more data in house and running their own research programmes to inform insight into their consumers. To be successful insight teams need to complement what the client is doing and extend their capabilities. 
How do agency insight teams stay relevant with new data? Embrace and innovate. 
They need to be constantly updating their knowledge of new data and adding new approaches to turn it into something useful.
Top quotes of the session: 
  • “Understanding subconscious influences is key. A funny bio may boost likeability, more serious could drive brand consideration”
  • “15% of people admitted to tailoring their tweets so they're funny enough to be RTd. 76% thought everybody else did”
  • “Researchers have tremendous influence and context across a business: it's important to be a guide not a block”
#TheBigDig Insight
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