SO MOnday: 3rd February 2015


Abbey Torrance and Hewie Dalrymple round up the best of the rest of the social and mobile news from the past week. Featuring: EE at Wembley Stadium, IKEA at Mobile World Congress, Burberry and Twitter at London Fashion Week, the Apple Watch, and Buzzfeed's 'Cute or Not' app.

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EE tests 4G+ speeds at Wembley Stadium

As part of the mobile network EE’s sponsorship of Wembley Stadium, they have started testing its 4G+ capability, ‘demonstrating mobile speeds in excess of 400Mbps as part of its sponsorship of the iconic stadium’.

This is expected to be switched on permanently from March, ‘doubling the mobile data capacity and enabling stunning audio-visual experiences at gigs as part of EE’s technical program that aims to make Wembley the most connected stadium in the world’.

London being home to the most technologically advanced stadium is very exciting as whoever visits the stadium will be able to instantly share their experiences in real time.

IKEA announcement from Mobile World Congress

An interesting announcement from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona was that IKEA ‘is incorporating Qi technology into some of its product offerings’, meaning that you will be able to charge your devices via some of their merchandise by simply placing your device on the surface of the furniture.

‘Qi is a popular wireless power standard from the Wirless Power Consortium (WPC) that is available in many hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, airports and other public locations. Many smartphones support Qi charging… including the newly announced Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone – as well as 15 car models’.

Bringing this capability into furniture products truly shows that IKEA wants to makes their customers' lives easier – no longer do you have to think about where your charger is. It will be great to see what products they bring out onto the market with this capability.

Burberry and Twitter bring you close to the action at London Fashion Week

Burberry and Twitter have a history of working closely together. Burberry was quick to realise that the instant and ubiquitous nature of Twitter provided an excellent opportunity for the wider public to engage with the brand like never before. This is particularly evident during Fashion Week.

Last year Burberry was the first luxury brand to sell products through Twitter’s Buy Now function. This year they have installed a tweet-activated camera for London Fashion Week shows. Twitter users trigger an on-site camera by tweeting #Tweetcam along with the @Burberry Twitter handle. Burberry then tweet each picture back to the user, integrating their Twitter handle and the time of the snap. This is yet another great innovation from Burberry and Twitter; let’s hope they continue to expand their partnership in 2015.

Watch out for Apple

Apple has recently announced that they are set to launch the Apple Watch in San Francisco on March 9. As with any Apple launch there is an inherent sense of mystery in the air. Rumour has it that prices will range from $349 to $5000. Whilst we have already seen other brands launch wearable tech, Motorola’s Moto 360 and the LG G watch among them, Apple’s status as the most fashionable tech brand in the world will mean that they grab the biggest headlines.

Advertisers should be excited about the range of opportunities that tech watches offer brands, in particular the personalisation opportunities that will arise. However, they’ll be hoping that Apple’s new product takes off and that the high prices don’t ensure they go the same way as the Google Glass.

BuzzFeed launches app ‘Cute or Not’

The popular site BuzzFeed has recently released the ‘Cute or Not’ app which allows users to rate animals on whether or not they are cute.

It uses the swipe function, much like the dating app Tinder, swipe right if you like the photo, swipe left if you don’t like the photo.

This is the first out of two apps BuzzFeed have reported they are to release this year; shortly coming will be a news app.

Buzzfeed marketing news mobile news social media news Apple Watch Burberry EE IKEA
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