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Hewie Dalrymple and Abbey Torrance round up the best mobile and social news from the past week... including Facebook drones, Jeremy Clarkson's new Amazon Prime show, Amazon Launchpad, Facebook's Personality Tags, Instagram's ad revenue & more...

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Facebook Drone to Bring the Internet to the Developing World

Facebook is trialling a drone capable of bringing the internet to parts of the unconnected world. The drone itself is quite imposing, with a wingspan to match that of a Boeing 737. It will be able to stay airborne for 90 days and will offer internet speeds of up to 10 gigabits a second.

People are sceptical, believing its priority is to increase the Facebook user base but Jay Parikh, vice president of global engineering and infrastructure at Facebook, said:

“Our goal is to accelerate the development of a new set of technologies that can drastically change the economics of deploying Internet infrastructure. Our intention is not to build networks and then operate them ourselves, but rather to quickly advance the state of these technologies to the point that they become viable solutions for other partners to deploy.”

The drone is the latest initiative in Facebook’s scheme, a project aiming to bring connectivity to the developing world.

Amazon Prime’s new car show with Jeremy Clarkson

Since the spectacular fallout between the BBC and Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson, fans of the show were delighted to hear that Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May ‘have ended months of speculation by signing a contract to make a new car show online streaming service Amazon’.

Clarkson wrote in his column for The Sun ‘that Amazon Prime executives have given the trio, along with former Top Gearproducer Andy Wilman, free rein to make the show they want… a seriously well-funded, British-based show with no commercial breaks and, better still, no editorial pressure from on high’.

Reports state that the new show will be on Amazon Prime next year. Will this help drive a large influx on new users for Amazon Prime? Or will people be put off by the annual fee of L79 for access?

Will the show be as popular as it was on terrestrial television? I can see that a lot of the older generation will not be tuning into the online platform to view it and will wait for DVDs to be created.

Amazon Launchpad – Promoting Start-Ups

Amazon Launchpad is a programme that will help start-ups worldwide launch, market and distribute their products. Amazon will choose the start-ups by working with more than 25 venture capital firms, start-up accelerators, and crowd-funding platforms to bring new companies into the Amazon Launchpad programme.

The Amazon Launchpad will stock 200 products from start-up companies, giving them access to Amazon’s gigantic customer base. In addition to the obvious benefit that will bring, Amazon are also offering help with brand development.

With Amazon Launchpad, young companies can overcome many of the challenges associated with launching new products by using Amazon’s retail expertise and infrastructure to create awareness and drive sales.

Jim Adkins, vice president at Amazon, says:

“As the pace of innovation continues to increase within the start-up community, we want to help customers discover these unique products and learn the inspiration behind them. We also know from talking to start-ups that bringing a new product to market successfully can be just as challenging as building it.”

Facebook trialling Personality Tags

This new feature from Facebook will allow you to tag friends with a word, phrase or even an emoji that describes their personality. The user can then accept or decline the tag which will then show up on your profile. It is similar to LinkedIn's capabilities to tag users on the site with job-related terms.

“We’re testing a new feature called profile tags,” a spokesperson said. “Created by a small team as part of a Facebook hackathon, profile tags are a creative tool that lets you and your friends add tags to your profile to highlight the things that describe you and what you’re into. You can control what tags are shown on your own profile.”

Instagram mobile ad revenue set to overtake Google and Twitter mobile revenue by 2017

According to the latest forecast by eMarketer, Instagram (owned by Facebook) is set to take $2.81 billion mobile ad revenue in 2017.

‘This is compared to the $595m the photo sharing app made in ad revenue this year. The high growth rates, according to eMarketer, will be powered by new products enabling the platform to move into direct response, enhanced measurement and targeting and the ability to buy ads via an API. eMarketer’s predictions would mean that Instagram will account for 10% of Facebook’s global ad revenues by 2017 and eclipse both Google and Twitter on mobile’.

Brands should ensure they look to future trends and forecasts and have this in their sights, so that they can ensure they are utilising Instagram for their digital advertising campaigns.

Brands still perplexed by mobile effectiveness

More and more brands have embraced mobile as part of their digital advertising campaigns. However reports released have shown that measurement around this channel is still a challenge.

‘An April 2015 Millward Brown Digital survey asked US marketers about which media channels they would increase spending in if they could track return on investment (ROI) better. Nearly eight in ten said mobile, more than any other choice, including traditional media, typically considered less measurable than digital’.

Why is this? There are still challenges around tracking on mobile, and a lot of brands want to be able to measure cross device (desktop, mobile & tablet) in order to see which device drives the highest number of actions or conversions on site or in app for them.

Unless users are signed in across your website and app, it is really difficult to attribute ROI and defining the role of mobile within the wider eco-system. We would definitely recommend looking to attribution modelling to help meet this gap, which our sister company, Data2Decisions can help with.

social media news marketing news mobile news Amazon Facebook Instagram Jeremy Clarkson
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