SO MOnday: 20th July 2015


Abbey Torrance and Hewie Dalrymple round up the best social and mobile news from the past week. Including: Beme, social networks demographics, Amazon Fresh, #SelfieWithDaughter, #CokeMyName and Ikea's cheeky swipe at Apple.

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Beme – Stripping Social Media Back to Basics

Beme is a new app by viral internet artist Casey Neistat. It aims to redefine how we present ourselves and how others are presented on social media.  The aim of the app is to change the selfie culture that has swept across social networks and encourage a more natural and unfiltered image of ourselves. 

So how does it work? Users communicate with self-deleting videos recorded by placing their phones close to their chests. Beme uses the proximity sensor on the iPhone as a recording button. Cover that sensor up by placing your phone on your chest (or anywhere else for that matter) and Beme automatically records and uploads a 4-second clip of video. Beme offers no chance to review or edit videos: they're just sent straight to users' feeds, which are themselves minimalist lists of recent uploads. You cannot like or loveheart a video, they can, however, give feedback by tapping the screen mid-video to send a selfie from their front-facing camera. "Getting reactions is my favourite part of the app," says Neistat. "There's just something so satisfying about being able to see people actually watching what you share."

The app is in its infancy but the online video already has half a million views…keep an eye out for Beme, the social media of 2015?

Demographics of Social Networks

Have you ever wondered what social network to use to support a campaign?  Although Facebook and Twitter offer the largest reach you may find a more cost effective route with another of the leading social networks. Snapchat is clearly dominated by the under 24s, with 45% of their audience in the youngest age bracket. This chart was put together by comScore.

Amazon Fresh

Amazon is set to deliver fresh groceries across the capital as soon as September, with Leeds following next year in April. The British grocery market is valued at L149bn and Amazon is aiming to for a 2% market share, three times that of Ocado’s current share of L1bn. The online retailer aims to keep costs down by using third party vans and is considering limiting its offering to 1200 fresh items.  

Amazon has been around long enough to know that a USP will be essential if it is to successfully take market share from well-established supermarkets. To differentiate it from its rivals the internet retailer is believed to be readying to give Amazon Prime subscribers an Amazon Dash, a wireless device for placing grocery orders which is already in use in America. We’ll wait to see if this bold initiative pays off. 

#SelfieWithDaughter campaign sweeping India

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has launched a campaign to ‘try to improve the standing of women in the country’ called the #SelfieWithDaughter.

Using social media in order to spread this powerful message, this has been launched due to the ‘worrying time for women’s rights in India’. It forms part of the ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ (save Daughters, Educate Daughters) scheme, which aims to improve welfare of girls and end female feticide in India, which is a real concern as the sex ratio continues to decline in many districts of India’.

The campaign has had a great uplift with many fathers posting lovely heartfelt messages with photos of themselves and their daughters across varying social media platforms.

‘What’s In a Name’; Coke’s Tweet-Activated Billboard in Times Square

The soft drink giant Coca-Cola has launched a campaign to ‘celebrate the meaning, stories, and things-you-didn’t-know behind each of our names’ to continue their popular Share a Coke campaign.

 ‘Visitors to Times Square can Tweet their first name with ?#?CokeMyName to have a story about their name broadcast on the one of the largest digital formats in NYC. A camera on a nearby building automatically takes a photo of the digital billboard and Tweets this image back.

Name facts and stories are derived from a real-time algorithm that is powered by historical Google data’.

This is a brilliant extension of the Share a Coke campaign, allowing people the power to be involved in the campaign.

SOMO Fun: Ikea Takes on Apple

IKEA have taken a cheeky swipe at Apple with the launch of their new catalogue, The BookBook.

Watch the video here for some LOLs.

SO Monday social media news tech trends marketing news mobile news
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