SO MOnday: 1st June 2015


Abbey Torrance and Hewie Dalrymple round up the best social and mobile news from the past week.

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Generation #: One in ten under-four-year-olds use tablets 

The latest findings from media regulator Ofcom have revealed some pretty interesting (or shocking) stats: 
  • One in ten 3 – 4 year olds access tablets
  • Children aged five to sixteen ‘now spend an average six and a half hours a day in front of a screen, in comparison to just three hours back in 1995’
This news comes alongside the report that ‘hashtag’ has been declared the ‘children’s word of the year by the Oxford University Press. Researchers found children’s use of the word had extended from the realm of social media to written short stories and spoken word’. 

Shadow Wi-Fi: Preventing Skin Cancer

It is June 1st; summer is unquestionably upon us. Whilst some of you will assume the UK’s somewhat meagre sunshine levels exempt us from skin cancer, think again! Skin cancer is one of the fastest growing cancers in the world and we should be aware of the dangers. 
In Peru the League Against Cancer and digital agency Happiness Anywhere found an innovative way to raise awareness of the disease. 
They created a free Wi-Fi network on Peruvian beaches called ‘Shadow Wi-Fi’. A large structure was erected on beaches with a directional Wi-Fi broadcast so that the free Wi-Fi area moved in line with the shadow, anyone left in the sun, could no-longer connect.  
Click here to see a short video, summarising the project.

The 4G uplift in UK due to mobile video viewing figures

The UK mobile operator EE has announced that 4G usage has now overtaken 3G, with the majority of that traffic coming from video consumption. 
According to the 4G EE report, 28% of all UK 4G traffic was video downloading, uploading and streaming. 
Web browsing and e-mail accounted for 30% of usage, slightly higher than video consumption, however mobile video is a trend that brands should continue to cater for, as with 4G rolling out across the nation, more and more will be consumed. 

Instagram launches Carousel advertising in the UK

From June 1st, Instagram is launching its carousel ad format across its platform to encourage advertisers to be more creative and drive further user engagement with ads. ‘Instagrammers’ will be able to swipe left to see four additional images, enabling brands to tell a story with their ads. 
In additional to the carousel, advertisers will also be able to link users through to their site - opening up Instagram to a range of brands whose objectives have a direct response (DR) focus. 
A trial period for the carousel saw a retail advertiser show different ways to wear an item and a supermarket show recipes in a series of images. 
Amy Cole, the head of brand development for EMEA at Instagram, said: "Carousel is a natural evolution. We are seeing incredible results from videos and this will help advertisers tell more complete stories. It’s a way of us finding ways of expanding the offering with the brands we are working with."

Facebook test ‘Path Flyout menu’ in-app

Facebook shared with TechRadar last week that they are currently in beta testing a menu flyout, similar to Path
"The options atop the current version of the iPhone app for status, photo and check in are replaced with a post button in the bottom menu. When clicked, options appear for take photo, check in, share photo and write post."
A Facebook spokesperson confirmed the test to TechCrunch, saying: "We are always exploring ways to improve the Facebook experience, and are currently testing small updates to the navigation."


Apple is trying to find the woman who dropped this old Apple computer off at their recycling centre

The computer was so rare it fetched $200k dollars at auction and it was one of the first prototypes that was hand built in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne.
social media news marketing news mobile news
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