SO MOnday: 18th April 2016


Abbey Torrance and Emma Saddleton round up the best social and mobile news from the past week.

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Kellogg’s Ancient Legends use 21st Century Technology to Transport Consumers Back to Ancient Egypt
Kellogg’s new cereal range, Ancient Legends, launched this month, using Virtual Reality to take people back to Ancient Egypt to have breakfast with Queen Cleopatra. As part of a wider integrated campaign with TV and OOH, the video uses 360 video to create a multisensory VR experience that follows movement in real-time and immerses users in the world of Cleopatra and her favourite cereal, which is made up of spelt, chia or flax seeds.  The video is hosted on the brand’s Facebook page and is a clear, simple and clever example of how to bring VR into a campaign.

Tesco Helps Your Weekly Shop by Trialling an 'If This Then That' System
Tesco have become the first UK supermarket to launch a channel on If This Then That (IFTTT), a service designed to create automatic rules to help organise your life. The innovation from Tesco Labs sees users being able to create rules to make shopping easier and take advantage of opportunities in price changes. For example IF eggs drop below £1.50, THEN add to basket.


Taking effort away from the consumer is likely to be a welcome addition as the site also allows consumers to make their own rules, specific to them.

The full list can be found here – happy shopping!

Land Rover Claim the First Live Test Drive on Periscope and Facebook Live
Taking live video to a new category, Land Rover will be showing a series of test drives throughout April to allow fans to see the cars almost first-hand.

The test drives incorporate a live Q&A session as the vehicle is taken through a variety of environments. An ongoing challenge for the automotive industry is how to bring potential buyers and the car experience closer together, and this activation looks to directly address questions that may arise during test drives. Activating via social channels should attract a younger audience. Land Rover hope to feel the benefit of taking a step away from the traditional salesperson approach.

EU Look to Reform and Update Personal Data Protection
On 8th April, the EU council reviewed and agreed the latest updates for the protection of personal data. The revisions give users more control over their personal data and require the additional need for consent when their data is being processed. The changes also mandate the appointment of data protection officers.

Infographics for the changes can be found here. The new rules will come into play later this spring.


social media news mobile news
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