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Emma Saddleton and Abbey Torrance round up the best social and mobile news from the past week… including the best gadgets from CES 2016, digital detoxes, Drummond Puddle Watch and Tinder’s partnership with the NHS...

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The best gadgets from CES 2016

Last week saw the latest Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which unveils the latest innovative products from a number of brands and companies. From Samsung to Sony, from GM to Google, the latest tech and must-have gadgets are all here.

This year sees the continued rise of the connected home, more wearables and more ... interesting ways of getting around. Here is a gallery of just some of the gadgets available, which even includes an alarm clock that releases scents such as  ocean, peppermint and (our favourite) croissants and coffee to help get you out of bed on Monday morning.

#NewYearNewYou: Should we all follow Ed Sheeran and have a digital detox?

Ed Sheeran, the singer, announced to his fans via social media that he was taking a break from the internet. In fact, he has given himself the goal to not use social media or the internet until the end of 2016.

This sparked a huge amount of conversation – could YOU do this? Or would you not be able to cope? We live in a society where people are constantly glued to devices – all day at work on a computer, on their commute home to their tablets or phones, then in the home we are constantly logged onto our WiFi being in undated with messages, news, posts, photos, videos.

Should we all take a leaf out of Ed Sheeran’s book and remove ourselves? It was interesting that a survey by Stop Procrastinating found that as much as 51% of respondents would consider undertaking a digital detox. Other interesting results were:

  • They agreed with Sheeran that they lived their lives through a screen and they were missing out on real life.
  • They were worried that they felt anxious if [they] hadn’t checked for a social media or Facebook update.
  • They felt that they didn’t fully enjoy or appreciate an experience because they were thinking about communicating about it to their friends through social media.
  • They felt concerned that they weren’t able to enjoy life unless others knew what they were doing.
  • Checking digital devices reduced the quality of their sleep.
  • Digital devices affected the quality of their relationships.
  • They felt they had fewer interested because they lived their life too much online

The question is – could you do it?

Tinder partners with the NHS to raise awareness of organ donation

Tinder NHS.jpg

Yes (swipe right), No (swipe left), hell yes (right)... Wait is that Jamie from Made in Chelsea?!

Yes he does have a Tinder profile, but it’s not a way onto the show – Jamie Laing, along with Olympic Gold Medallist Jade Jones MBE and Emmerdale’s Gemma Oaten are involved as part of a partnership between Tinder and NHS Blood and Transplant to help encouragesign ups to the Organ Donor Register from 18 – 35 year olds.

Users who swipe right will match with these profiles and receive a message that says “If only it was that easy for those in need of a lifesaving organ to find a match”. Swiping right links to a site where individuals can register to the list and help to decrease the time patients need to wait before finding a match.

Drummond Puddle Watch

This was perhaps the best use of Periscope the UK has seen. Last week, people across the nation were transfixed at watching people attempt to conquer the puddle.

This was the mastermind of Drummond Central, a marketing agency in Newcastle. Beth Hazon, the managing director told the Guardian ‘her staff have watched people from a window in the top floor of their building in Jesmond Road, Newcastle navigate the puddle for weeks now. On Wednesday morning, copywriter Steve Wilkes suggested they set up an iPhone and live stream it for the day’.

This is a brilliant example of the brilliance on the internet SOMO thinks.

Snapchat closes their Lens Store

From Friday, Snapchat closed their Lens Store and instead are looking to offer 10 free lenses a day, including sponsored ones e.g. this one used to promote the Peanuts Movie late last year. Reportedly a move to boost its ad business, Snapchat are looking for more opportunities for brands to get involved after previously announcing an ad tech platform in development later this year.

Any filters users have will remain, but the regular changes to the line-up means you can expect to see more and more interesting images coming through from your friends via the platform.

Twitter Conversational Ads and Increase to text limit?

Twitter conversational ads.jpg

Two updates from Twitter HQ this week.

1. Twitter releases Conversational ads

Currently in beta testing, this new format is to make it easier for Twitter users to generate conversation about brands they like.  The conversation ad format includes a call to action button where users can include tweets about the product or brand they like.

AdWeek says; ‘Is it a game-changer? No. It’s really just an iteration of Promoted Tweets, an ad format often maligned for its lack of relevancy and scalability. By figuring out its core ad product and the data model that powers it Twitter will improve the relevancy of its ad products, making them more accessible to more brands more of the time’.

2. CEO Jack Dorsey ‘sheds a little light on why the company is entertaining larger tweets’

In other news, it was explained that Twitter will be looking to extend the character limit on tweets. Explaining the origination of the limit, Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter reminded us that this was due to the limitations of text messages back when Twitter was founded.

He tweeted the below message which explains in more detail:

Dorsey tweet.jpg (1)

social media news marketing news mobile news
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