Snapchat, Twitter and winning in the social media space


This week WARC reported that, according to new analysis from Bloomberg, Snapchat now has more daily users than Twitter, with the four-year-old company currently boasting 150m daily users, in comparison to Twitter’s estimated 136m.

warc snapchat social twitter ecosystems

According to WARC, Snapchat’s increasing popularity can be attributed to its mass appeal among a younger demographic, with daily users watching over ‘10bn videos’ a day on the app – ‘up from 8bn in February’ – with ‘more than a third’ utilising the ‘My Story’ feature.

However, despite Snapchat’s apparent ascension and Twitter’s well documented ‘downfall’, there are clear issues with pitting Social Media platforms against each other – as if there can only be one winner in this space.

For whilst Snapchat appeals to those looking to replace text with visuals, Twitter has maintained its position as a far more popular news source – a fact WARC acknowledges.

This once again demonstrates the importance of understanding individual consumer’s personal ecosystems, rather than assuming all Social Media behaviour across all Social platforms follows the same formula.

warc snapchat social twitter ecosystems
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