Rajar results Q3 2015 - the headlines


The latest Rajar results have landed - our expert broadcast team takes a look at the key findings from Q3 2015... Tweet us your views and win Madonna tickets!


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  • Another great set of results for the Q3 2015 RAJAR with many stations reporting their highest ever reach numbers. This is partly down to sister stations such as Kisstory, Capital Xtra and Absolute 00s etc. boosting their network numbers but also a solid performance per station (such as on BBC 6 Music).
  • Weekly radio listening numbers stay strong at 89.3% of the population. This is up 230,000 adults quarter on quarter.
  • Listening to radio via a digital platform - in terms of weekly reach - now exceeds over half (56%) of the UK adult population.
  • Global Radio remains the best performing national network with a weekly reach of 22 million (up 4.3% QoQ), followed by the full Bauer portfolio (up 1.1% QoQ) and BBC Radio 2 (up 1.2% QoQ).
  • The gap between BBC radio and commercial stations is ever decreasing, with commercial stations catering to evolving listening by providing a wider range of choice than ever before. All commercial share has jumped from 43.7% to 44% in the last year.
  • Digital listening platforms – DAB, significantly the most popular device, continues to grow, up 14% YoY. DTV listening continues to slowly grow (+2%). Online listening has grown by 9% YoY.
  • With a weekly reach of 22 million listeners following a 4.3% quarterly increase, Total Global Radio remains the best performing national network, followed by the total Bauer portfolio (up 1.1% QoQ) and BBC Radio 2 (up 1.6% QoQ).
  • Kiss London is now no 1 in reach, overtaking Capital by 3,000 listeners.
  • However, Dave and Lisa have kept their ‘No1 Breakfast London Show’ crown closely followed by Kiss Breakfast with 145,000 less listeners per week.
  • Many stations have reported their highest ever reach including Heart (9.1m), Capital (7.4m), Smooth (5.5m), Kiss (5.5m), BBC Radio 5 (6m) and Absolute (4m)
  • TalkSPORT have performed incredibly well this quarter, benefiting from the Rugby World Cup and new football season, especially as Champions League is only showing on BT Sport on TV, increasing their reach to nearly 3.2 million.
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