Radio X - will the return of Chris Moyles be a hit?


Radio X launched this week with grand ambitions and a big investment in talent - which should be welcomed by advertisers, says Mike Wood, AV manager at Carat...

Radio radio advertising Radio X Chris Moyles

Three years after leaving Radio 1 and 18 years after his last commercial radio programme, Chris Moyles made his return to radio this week with the first show on Global’s newest radio brand Radio X.

Around the time of his departure, Radio 1 had come under criticism for attracting an audience which was judged to have been too old for the station and, before he’d even started broadcasting on Radio X, the station had attracted criticism for the stations male focused positioning. Global Radio have called Radio X the first truly male focused station targeting 25-44 men as its core audience.

Moyles was keen to state he has a varied listener base and go against this male-only format. After just under 30 minutes of speech (which is almost unheard of on a commercial music station nowadays) Moyles’ first song was by the (very apt) Girls Aloud with Love Machine.

It was clear from social media that Moyles had been missed and the huge increase in online listening saw the station's website and app crash which proved frustrating for many (Global have mentioned that listening was around 100 x the usual figures that XFM’s breakfast show had received).

Noel Gallagher was the station’s first guest and his comments on the likes of the fate of the previous XFM presenters, questioning whether anyone would bother entering a competition to win Bloc Party tickets and stating how much he enjoyed listening to talkSPORT helped to add to the slightly out of control feel of the show.

Whether you like him or not, radio is a lot better off for having Chris Moyles who appreciates the craft of putting together a popular radio show. Unlike a number of presenters who have come into radio presenting after the TV work has dried up, Moyles worked his way up the radio ladder and, in an age where anyone can listen to any song at any time, radio needs more people who recognise the increased importance of what they say over what they play.

Global Radio have heavily invested in talent and marketing behind Radio X, launching a Road Trip show in the opening show.

The talent in terms of both presenters and guests is a clear sign that they have big ambitions for the station which is welcomed by advertisers.

Official listening figures won’t be released until early 2016, but Global will be keen to publicise online and social tracking to show the popularity of their new station. Initial signs from the industry and from listeners is showing Global have invested wisely.

Radio radio advertising Radio X Chris Moyles
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