Periscope and Meerkat - who are the brands putting their heads above the parapet?


Periscope, Twitter's live streaming app, is getting a lot of use from brands keen to look cutting-edge and relevant. Dan Calladine, Carat’s head of media futures, says Doritos’ new Roulette game is the most creative so far.

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As part of the #DoritosRoulette campaign Doritos is running a live game on Periscope at various times, as well as on Twitter, with winners being announced on Vine.  
The concept of the campaign lends itself nicely to gamification – it revolves around the Roulette bags. These are what appear to be bags of regular nacho corn chips – except that one in six is actually red-hot.
The game on Periscope involves a spinning roulette wheel, spun by a game show host, allowing contestants to win prizes based on where the wheel lands. 
The viewers that are logged on to watch the live stream will be randomly chosen as contestants.
Games like these are a terrific way for brands to not only promote their current campaign but also to draw in a wider audience for their new platform. 
Other brands are also experimenting with Periscope, with many of them leaping in at the outset. 
Up until now, though, it has tended to be used for more simple streaming – of live interviews, extended Vine-type clips and back-stage content. 
In this format, it’s another platform from which brands can give their consumers added value – for example, adidas used Periscope to give fans a view of football star James Rodriguez signing a contract extension. 
Of course Meerkat got in there first with the app that lets you livestream video onto YouTube. 
Launched on February 27th, after the founder closed down his previous app, it instantly became very buzzy and inevitably brands jumped straight in to see what they could do with it.
With Meerkat, nothing remains after the live stream, giving it a bit of Snapchat ephemeral quality.  It's easy to see how individuals - this footage was posted of a storm in Sydney - and even news organisations could use it - for example Laurie Segall of CNN has shown people the newsroom - it's great for showing people an authentic, unedited view of what's happening now.
Starbucks used it to stream from their Roastery - quite a good way of letting people into their world.  However I'm not sure it would have been better than doing a video on a more established platform, like Vine or Instagram.
Meerkat still reckons to have about 2million subscribers but Periscope got 1million in its first 10 days – and Twitter has disabled some of Meerkat’s integration features. However, Sima Sistani, formerly of Tumblr, has just joined Meerkat as VP of Media, which shows their ambition to continue the battle for supremacy. 
periscope meerkat social social media news tech trends Doritos
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