Digital Digest: 17 November 2016


Emma Saddleton and Abbey Torrance round up the latest headlines from the past two weeks for the Digital Digest.

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Snapchat Have Added AR Background Lens

Filters are a key tool Snapchat users enjoy and the platform have now updated their offering to include lenses. Lenses allow users to insert butterflies, rainbows and clouds to your worldview and can certainly make your tube journey a lot more fun!

New Twitter Tools To Silence The Haters

Online harassment is a huge issue in the world we now live in, especially for minorities, girls and women. Behind screens people can be burtal, engaging in hate speech and harassment. Twitter, which is now nine years old, has never had a tool to help effectively deal with trolling or abuse. However, finally, after much pressure they have rolled a mute feature out.

Not only is this tool great to help anti-bullying but it also means that if you don’t want to get that TV show you are avidly following storyline to come up on your feed, you can also ensure that it isn’t there.

Google And Amazon Move To Take On Spotify

Music is a great passion for many people and now two big players have moved to take on Spotify.

Google have overhauled their Google Music service to offer streaming mixes based on your location and activity. If you’re doing your gym workout or heading to work, the service will help pick out the tunes suitable for that moment. The machine learning algorithm will take into account a number of different inputs to ensure you have the best playlist. These will range from your previous listening habits to the weather. And you can opt out if you want to…

Meanwhile, Amazon have launched their own latest music streaming service. Previously only open to Prime members the new proposition, Unlimited Music, now has more than 40m tracks and the subscription is competitively priced at £9.99 a month (or £7.99 for Prime members). To incorporate the Amazon Echo offering, you can pay slightly more for Alexa to curate a playlist based on moods or even lyrics.

Music streaming is big business as the market moves more towards a completely digital space. However, with Spotify the leader and one with a significant hold on this market we’re left wondering if the propositions by these new players are strong enough to lure people away from what they know.

Mobile Best Practice Will No Longer Be Confusing!

The Internet Advertising Bureau and the ISBA are joining forces, hero style, to launch a mobile handbook to help both brands and agencies understand the key trends and best practice for mobile advertising.

The Big Mobile Handbook will tackle key issues of the moment including viewability, ad fraud and brand safety, as well as how to create and implement an effective mobile strategy.

The handbook will be generic to all brands and will help to upskill anyone thinking their mobile knowledge could do with a boost!

Instagram Becomes Even More Shoppable

Is Instagram set to take on Amazon? The photo sharing app has taken it’s offering one step further in an effort to make it even easier to shop. Watch the video here.

The move, which allows users to click through from an image to an external site where that item can be purchased, is currently being tested in the US only with select iOS users.

Instagram’s parent company Facebook will be pleased about the even greater ROI that Instagram can deliver for brands. According to the Mashable story, “The new features already have more than 20 partners lined up, including Macy's, Kate Spade and Abercrombie.”

Users still will not be able to shop within the Instagram app. However, the links from the image will direct users out of Instagram straight to the brand’s website or app to purchase thus making it even easier to buy. This is a brilliant development from the Instagram team. We are looking forward to seeing it roll out in the UK.

Digital Digest Snapchat Twitter Google Amazon Spotify iab Instagram
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