Digital Digest: 15 March 2018


Emma Saddleton, Emily Paterson, Nisan Ilciz and Rebecca Cohen bring you a summary of this week's top stories in tech/media/mobile/social in the latest edition of the Digital Digest.

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Boots' No7 Beauty Brand is Digitising their In-Store Servicing

Boots are launching their Face Study platform with own brand, No7 Make-up. The platform includes an interactive 'digital education platform' for No7 skincare products for customers who want advice on the array of tones the skincare brand is offering. 

The online platform allows customers to review a real human face to gain an understanding of the signs of skin ageing and how-to re-touch with specific No7 products. Users can zoom and scroll across the digitised face to gain an in-depth understanding of how skin develops over time, and what products we should be using to help our skin.

Boots understood that while their retail footprint is substantial, their core consumer is becoming increasingly internet-savvy. Therefore, they had to adapt their strategy to respond to their consumer's increasingly online shopping habits.

Digital Users in The UK Continue To Grow

eMarkerter have released their latest review of digital users in the UK and forecasts for the increase over the next few years. 

You'll find the full report here, but we have pulled out some of the key highlights below:

  • Overall internet users are expected to grow to 83.9% this year, increasing to 85% of the population by 2022
  • This growth will be driven by both older and younger generations as they log on for the first time, and mainly through mobile and home speakers
  • Social platforms will see a 10.5% increase in older generations signing up, but Facebook will see a 13% drop in uptake from younger generations as they flock to other platforms
  • YouTube continues to be the most popular video platform, used by 90.6% of all video viewers.


Google to Ban ICO, Cryptocurrency Ads in June

Google has said it will change its financial product policy in June of this year - a move that will see advertisements related to cryptocurrency banned. This decision comes just a month after Facebook's to ban cryptocurrency ads on their platform.

In addition to their policy news, Google has also released of its annual "bad ads" report - a review of the number of malicious, deceptive and controversial ads Google scrubs from its massive search, display and video network. 

Spotify to expand its self-serve ad platform to UK & Canada

Spotify has announced plans to roll out its self-service platform to the UK following a successful launch in the US last year.

Through Spotify Ad Studio, brands will have the tools to create audio ads on Spotify, enabling them to tap into the music streaming platform's audience, targeting based on genres and playlists, as well as age, gender, device and location. Brands will be able to either upload scripts and choose background music, with Spotify Ad Studio recording voiceovers for the spots, or upload full audio spots directly to the platform. 

Boots eMarketer Google Cryptocurrency spotify
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