Dan Hagen on MediaTel Newsline: The New Day: industry reacts to launch edition


This week Trinity Mirror launched a new daily national newspaper, The New Day. The first standalone national daily newspaper for 30 years, The New Day will run up to 40 pages per copy, Monday to Friday, covering news and topical content in a 'politically neutral' and 'balanced' way - "without telling the reader what to think". It was available for free on its first day (Monday 29 February), before trialling at 25p for two weeks and 50p from then on. Here, Dan Hagen from Carat gives his verdict on what he's seen so far.

Dan Hagen The New Day newspapers
Dan Hagen, chief strategy officer, Carat UK


"Coming hot on the heels of the Indy going all digital, it's an interesting and brave move launching The New Day as the first new print title in 30 years.

"There can be no doubt that we are marching relentlessly towards an increasingly digital economy, but that doesn't mean everything we'll be doing will be digital in nature. Rather, it means we need to be thinking digitally in everything we do; for analogue media or digital media.

"The New Day has a digital feel to it. It's visual, quick and gives me an overview of important and trivial things all together in a neat and tidy package. It's not organised like a traditional paper, but organised with a digital mind set, less linear with trivial variety packaged around some harder hitting subject matter (based on issue one!).

"So will this resonate with advertisers? I'll go with a maybe - it's all about the audience it attracts - not necessarily the size of the audience (although some critical mass will be important) but rather the quality and depth of relationship that audience develops with the brand.

"It's also going to be important how they leverage their social extensions, keeping the reader dialogue going across platforms and over time."

Dan's comments originally appeared on MediaTel Newsline on 29/02/16

Dan Hagen The New Day newspapers
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