Cinema Week – revealing the innovations cinema has to offer brands in 2016


The DAN Cinema Week, organised by Amplifi, gave colleagues from across the network the chance to find out more about what cinema has to offer to brands. Catherine Dougherty, from the Story Lab team, reveals what she learnt from a session at DCM…

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DAN Cinema Week treated us to a variety of sessions; each designed to cater for an array of client categories and give us market insights into the latest and most innovative cinema campaigns to inspire us for 2016.

I popped along to the mid-week session at DCM’s office where the focus was on what cinema can do for a brand.

There were three key messages from this:

  • Building awareness
  • Creating a brand ‘love story’
  • The ability to turn audiences into customers

We were also introduced to a number of cool opportunities and out of the box ideas that brands can get involved in with cinema and big movie releases including Independence Day and Suicide Squad.

4DX – is this the future?

One exciting innovation coming to London is the 4DX which stimulates all five senses - you get to experience wind, fog, lightning, rain and scents while watching a film. This is currently only in Milton Keynes, Crawley and Sheffield but will be coming to London soon with some exciting opportunities!

Films including Avatar, Gravity, Frozen and Captain America have all been given a 4DX makeover and directors are apparently now examining the prospect of filming movies that are specifically made for 4DX.

With the massive investment in technology needed to bring this to life, it offers something you can’t get at home.

The potential for brands to use 4DX is clear – the scent of flowers, pizza or coffee can be pumped directly to the cinema audience which is being immersed in the action. The sense of smell is particularly evocative and could be highly valuable for brands. Advertisers have long been able to benefit from the sensory experience of cinema – 4DX takes this experience a step further.

Our friends in the Amplifi AV team did an amazing job organising Cinema Week, so huge thanks to them.

cinema advertising 4DX
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