Carat @ Eff Week: Spotlight on Effectiveness - Unlocking the Power of Real People


Stefan Havik, Managing Director M1 & Amnet

Eff Week 2018 Effectiveness

Dentsu Aegis Network is going through a real transformation. We are going to market to real people! Real People? What then have we been doing for all this time?

Marketing to real people might sound like a simple thing, but it’s actually not. For decades we have been using cookies, device IDs and panels to define, build and activate against audiences. If you look at these proxies you can’t deny they aren’t ideal. Often audiences are based on a behaviour. Some (cookie) data providers allow consumers to check what audiences they are in based on their behaviour. For some attributes, it’s fine to do that. I can see for instance I’m in an in-market segment for a new TV. Which is 100% correct. My age is a bit off though. They predict my age to be about 30 years older than I actually am. Ouch! Also, I’m both male AND female. You can see that precision is a challenge here. Building audiences based on proxies could lead to lots of waste, by reaching people you weren’t planning to reach. An additional challenge is duplication. Every person reading this is somewhere between five and twelve cookies/device IDs. This means that if you run a campaign based on these proxies and think you’ve reached a million people just once as you intended, It could also mean you’ve only hit 100,000 people 10 times instead. And you could question if those 100,000 were the audience you were planning to reach in the first place.

This is why our people-based marketing approach is so important. By getting rid of duplication and making sure the data is accurate, you can target with laser precision. Cutting away waste and massively increasing performance. In M1 everything is based on real people data. That doesn’t mean we have advanced algorithms, probabilistic or deterministic device graphs or other buzzwords we can throw at you. It simply means we know everyone in our platform… by name.

M1 is underpinned by the largest census-based reference file in the market. Because it is fully based on real people data, or PII (personal identifiable information), we can offer the highest fidelity of data available in the market today. The data of over 51 million UK adults, available for insights, planning and also activation. Already leading to an average improvement of 25% in Return On Ad Spend for our clients.

If you want to find out more please do contact the M1 team or your internal Champions.

Eff Week 2018 Effectiveness
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