Constraint. Who knew that something with such negative connotations can also be so useful? Constraint is something that can enable us to go further. Something that gives us the ability to deliver great work. And ultimately, something that stimulates us and makes us think…

Rory Hall Rory Hall Insight Executive London BigThink thinkbox

I was fortunate to hear Adam Morgan, the author of ‘A Beautiful Constraint’ speak at the BigThink@BAFTA event run by Thinkbox on the 9th of June. The talk, held at BAFTA, centred on this topic.

Adam’s philosophy is that by embracing these limitations, which occur on a daily basis, we can deliver great work. Indeed, he argues, constraints can be used in a positive sense. In many ways, it is up to us to alter our perception.

During the talk Adam said there are three things that organisations should think about. These included how we frame constraints; fostering a positive culture around constraints and thinking about ‘adjacent abundance’ (focusing on utilising the resources we do have at our disposal).

I took away lots to think about including an essential quote from advertising legend, David Ogilvy, which is, “Latitude with Limitations”.

We can embrace ‘blue sky thinking’ all we want, but without limitations, the ideas will very rarely have any context and the quality will suffer. In short, brainstorming without boundaries is simply not productive. True creativity, counter-intuitively, works best with constraint.

If you take anything away from reading this, I would encourage you not to be afraid of constraint. We should all embrace it and use limitations to our advantage.

Rory Hall Rory Hall Insight Executive London BigThink thinkbox
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