12 Days of Brave: Week Two


This spring, we launched 'Make Brave Happen' – our new internal mantra focussed on our culture. We want to be more connected, more curious and even more courageous. We've now had 10 months of being disruptive, different and diverse through 10 different initiatives. But as we come to the end of 2016, we have asked the leadership team to step up and take on their very own personal challenge. One per day - which we've called The 12 Days of Brave.

Matthew Knight Matthew Knight head of strategic innovation London Make Brave Happen 12 Days of Brave

Week two of our festive activity ‘The 12 Days of Brave’ saw four more senior members of Carat undertaking an eight-hour surprise challenge before reporting back to the agency with a minimum viable product, prototype or action plan.

Last Monday Chris Gough, Group Client Partner, was tasked with discovering a new way to share brilliant Carat thinking which had not made its way into the public domain. Simultaneously, I was tasked with learning the ropes of AV planning and found myself negotiating a PIB with Channel 4 - worlds apart from my normal role of creating ideas. 

Then, on Wednesday both our MD and CEO were handed golden envelopes with challenges inside. Matt Landeman, MD, was given a brief to create a short film about our people and culture. He created a blockbuster trailer, after learning how to record and edit video. Rick Hirst, CEO, had perhaps the steepest learning curve as he was asked to plan an entire campaign. He started with identifying the audience, then created the idea, chose the channel mix and mapped the entire ecosystem - which he absolutely nailed. 

Debbie, in the Insights and Evaluation team asked me how we have been designing the challenges. She wanted to know why we pick the tasks we do. The methodology is this: I had already spent several hours in interviews with each of the leadership team in November in order to both create a short film about personal bravery, but also to interrogate a little about the edges of each person's comfort zone. 

Then, from this, we created a personal brief for everyone, rooted in three principles:

- the task should be something they would unlikely to be asked to do normally

- the task should be challenging and a learning experience

- the output of the task should be useful to the entire agency.

Next year perhaps we’ll develop personal bravery plans for everyone in the business. ‘Make Brave Happen’ continues to be a core part of our mindset at Carat. It is as much a tool for personal growth as for commercial growth.

Check back next week to read the review of the final week of 12 Days of Brave which is happening now featuring both our Head of Planning and Head of Insight and Evaluation.

Matthew Knight Matthew Knight head of strategic innovation London Make Brave Happen 12 Days of Brave
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