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This month we were joined by Channel 4 as part of our monthly Carat Connect series.

Lauren Milner Lauren Milner Media Executive Manchester Carat Connect Channel 4

Our Carat Connect series sees us welcome one of our media owner partners to provide an update on key topics of the moment and new developments to inspire us to think differently and challenge ourselves to drive new ideas forward for our clients. Not only are the sessions incredibly informative and insightful, it’s also a great way to take time away from your desk and enjoy a glass or wine (or three!) and learn something new.

Last week it was the turn of Channel 4 to host an afternoon of drinks, pizza and of course an exclusive media update. They began by introducing their channel as being “paid for by advertisers and owned by you”. It was interesting to hear that TV is seen to be the most effective form of advertising out there, offering high quality big screen content, in a safe environment for advertisers. They told us that TV accounts for 94% of all video advertising time, and 89.5% for the younger 16-24’s. We heard that Broadcast VOD is growing, and that Channel 4 has just conducted some ground breaking research proving that broadcaster VOD is far more effective and efficient use of brand marketing spend than social media platforms.

As well as discussing their exciting new shows for 2017 (our lips are sealed!) they touched upon what is driving their success in their younger branches such as E4. It was no surprise to hear that Tattoo Fixers and Made in Chelsea were the biggest players. What I found the most fascinating about the presentation was the section on Partnerships, and the way they partner with brands to create exclusive and one-off adverts to relate to the TV show in which the advert sits. I had recalled seeing the Maltesers disability advert before however hadn’t put the connection together than it was only aired on Channel 4. This was a creative campaign in partnership with the channel and results showed that “29%  of all adults (15.5m) had seen or heard something about  a recent TV ad campaign for a chocolate brand featuring people with disabilities telling funny stories”, and it saw a “10% uplift in sales” which the Vice President of Maltesers referred to as “commercially huge”.

Along with Maltesers, McDonald's joined in on the action to promote their McCafe range. During an ad break of ‘One Born Every Minute’, A McCafe ad featuring three men in a work van discussing if they’d been watching the aforementioned show. In its second year the campaign continued to drive awareness and brand warmth of McCafe among the target audience, with brand moving from fast food restaurant to credible coffee retailer. This kind of advertising makes a ‘generic’ advert feel more personalised and no doubt attract more attention to the viewer than any other format. In a world where we are surrounding by advertising everywhere we look, it’s a great way of cutting out the noise and I think it’s a great way to raise a brand’s profile through the use of TV advertising. I hope to see more brands join with Channel 4 to run more like it!

Lauren Milner Lauren Milner Media Executive Manchester Carat Connect Channel 4
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