TripAdvisor's travel feed simplifies holiday booking


TripAdvisor is trying to emulate Instagram by creating a photo sharing function for its users. As overwhelmed netizens look to consolidate and share their holiday experiences online, TripAdvisor is transforming itself into a one stop shop for holiday inspiration and execution.

As it stands, TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel company, with 456 million average monthly users. The platform is shifting its offerings to emphasise social sharing, with more content from publishers and influencers to help people glean travel inspiration. In doing so, the site hopes to occupy the space where Instagram and Expedia intersect. "No online travel agency has ever been able to provide users with loads of travel inspiration while trying to get them to quickly make bookings before being lost to competitors’ sites," says Dennis Schaal, founder of global travel intelligence agency Skift.

With nearly six hours a day spent on digital media, people are spending more time than ever online. As people grow overwhelmed with the amount of tech in their lives and places to find inspiration, there's a growing desire for platforms that can minimise the demand they make on users’ time. And with 67% of Americans vacationers being stressed out by 'information overload' when planning a vacation, TripAdvisor's goal to consolidate and simplify trip planning, will likely be well-received by those who want the process to be as stress-free as the holiday they go on.

This article was first published by our research partners, Canvas8.

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