Google Squared Graduate!


Working in client services requires me to have a well-rounded knowledge of the different products and services that Carat as an agency offer and how they can be affected by industry trends. As part of my continual learning and development I was keen to understand how brands need to continue to develop the way they communicate with consumers and how the digital landscape is influencing the way media is consumed. The pace at which digital is growing and seeing new emerging digital technology trends means that I need to be aware of change to develop new ways of thinking for the benefit of my clients.

Samantha Faulkner Samantha Faulkner Media Executive Leeds Google Squared Learning & Development

This is why last year I enrolled on to the Google Squared online course, an initiative led by Carat’s partner Google and endorsed by the IPA. Before starting the course, I set myself two key learning goals to put myself and my own ideas forward, and to push myself outside of my comfort zone.

I expected the course to give me a thorough digital learning experience that was solely focused on data, various technical jargon and an enormous amount of revision, however it was in fact the complete opposite. I was taken on an extremely practical and immersive experience, where I was given ‘real-life’ scenarios which allowed me to develop the way I would approach a client brief, strategic thinking, the impact digital can have on the consumer journey, but most importantly how to be disruptive. A Google Analytics account was set up, which was particularly interesting and helped me to develop the way I evaluate and recognise how to improve digital presence.

The course allowed me to broaden my digital knowledge and gain a better understanding as to how digital channels can be used in conjunction with one another in order to meet an objective or goal bearing in mind the unpredictable digital media landscape.

Along with bringing me up to speed on trends and technology advancements, the Google Squared journey helped me to develop the skills I needed in order to think creatively and to develop my leadership skills. Two of the five modules were group projects, which meant we had to collaborate and communicate virtually. During the course, I was involved in delegating team responsibilities and regular virtual group meetings ahead of project submissions which really helped develop my confidence in my own abilities.

I have learnt a huge amount over the last five months and after daily late nights completing tasks or attending online evening classes and group hangout sessions, I am VERY excited to say I made it through and can proudly say I am now officially a Google Squared graduate!

I encourage anyone who gets this opportunity, to get involved and have confidence in your own ability as you will develop your skills in independent learning and collaborative working which is applicable for everyday life.

Samantha Faulkner Samantha Faulkner Media Executive Leeds Google Squared Learning & Development
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