Carat Health Week 2015


Health Week - Encouraging a Balanced Lifestyle!

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From the 5th-9th October the Carat/iProspect offices in Leeds hosted their annual Health Week! The week was packed full of healthy activities, competitions and workshops, all aimed at helping maintain a healthy balance to your working life.

Monday: Monday was focusing on nutrition, with a nutrition talk led by field expert Darren Faulkner. There was a sugar quiz, questioning who really knew the sugar content of their favourite foods, and fresh fruit and healthy snacks were available throughout the day (and week).

Tuesday: We were fortunate to have an interactive mindfulness workshop, run by CMRP member Elaine Young. Elaine introduced us to the basics of this ancient practise, looking at focusing our minds on the present day and not getting distracted on past or future events. This was the first time many of us had been introduced to the concept of mindfulness and proved to be incredibly interesting, with ideas and information to take away into our everyday lives

Wednesday: The offices went into a fitness frenzy on Wednesday. First up was the plank challenge, won by Lily with an incredible 4 minute long plank. Despite the rainy weather, a team of 6 then ventured out at lunch for running club, 3 miles along the canal. The day finished off with a spot of ‘deskercise’, a new craze sweeping the nation involving exercising in your desk chair (see link

Thursday: The health quiz went out on Thursday; a pub style quiz testing overall health knowledge. Lunchtime consisted of a green smoothie workshop, producing spinach infused delights to share around the office. Meanwhile, those wanting to work off all the sugar had the opportunity to do a spot of spinning in the office.

Friday: Our final day was all about rewarding hard work! A healthy bake off took place, with slices of the bakes then sold for charity. Those who had taken part in activities were rewarded with raffle tickets for the big healthy raffle. Prizes included blenders, a mindfulness colouring book, vouchers and branded water bottles. The highlight of the week was announcing the winner of the FitBit prize, awarded to the two people who had walked the furthest during the week. The walking challenge was mapped using MapMyFitness and winners were Amy Hatton and Daniel Stead.

It was a fantastic week and thanks to everyone who got involved. Can’t wait until next year!

csr social
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