Make Disruption Pay, Edinburgh


What we can now achieve through marketing communications is limited largely by the collective imaginations of agencies and clients. If we can think it, we can probably do it.

Make Disruption Pay social events
Make Disruption Pay, Edinburgh

On the day that the ultimate disrupter, Amazon, became the second company in history to hit a valuation of $1tn –Dentsu Aegis Network Scotland held ‘Make Disruption Pay’. Amazon dispensed with large chunks of the retail industry on their way to the trillion-dollar club. Disruption pays. And if you aren’t disrupting – you could pay dearly.

What can be achieved through marketing communications is limited only by the collective imaginations of agencies and clients. If we can think it, we can probably do it. And our speakers served to underline that point. Atom bank rendered the need for complicated security procedures redundant and simultaneously increased security capability using bio mechanical data for registration. Mobile functionality thunders on with chatbot technology capable of effectively automating customer service functions & voice activated search, augmented with on screen optioning making voice search a credible option.

We talked about data. Making big data useful. Replacing proxy targeting and using tens of thousands of data points to target advertising to an individual level. Ending the days when we serve the same ad to 5 million people and beginning the journey to serving 5 million different ads requires an understanding of the individual and their environment.

Interacting with technology started with a blinking green cursor on a black screen, then user friendly graphics and a mouse, then the touch screen. Next is Virtual and Augmented reality; immersive, absorbing, sometimes breath-taking interactions with technology. Want a vision of this future?  Watch Ready Player One.

Spotify told us ‘you are what you stream’ – highlighting the insight derivable from people’s music choice. Age, gender, marriages, deaths, births, break up’s, exercise routines, sleeping habits, location, friends, kids, gender of kids, ethnicity, the list goes on.

The venue was Edinburgh - the U.K. home of Fintech so we talked finance. Specifically, the transformation of Ultimate Finance from a traditional broker-led business to business lender into a fintech player using every performance media channel available. For every pound invested through media £1.80 returned.

Concerned your market is being commoditised?  Then go “Global”, who transformed themselves from radio broadcaster to digital entertainment company. Now with a proposition capable not just of programmatically trading on their own network but across the entire network of audio suppliers.

And so to the big thinkers - the future of journalism? According to Allan Rennie, ex Editor-in-Chief of the Record it’s super niche, according to Dr Eddy of Stirling University much of it will be written using AI.

If you want help making disruption pay for your business – get in touch.

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Make Disruption Pay social events
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