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Intel - Supporting Indian Students

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the landscape of students in India. Due to which there was a sudden increase in the demand for laptops in tier 2 and 3 cities across India.

India presents one of the largest education opportunities for Intel worldwide with 298 Mn. Due to pandemic, 27% of students mentioned non-availability of smartphones & laptops. Facilitating the students with their device needs became Intel's objective.

The Challenge

The challenge was to reach out to the audience, not just like any other brand but a problem solver to their needs. The need for a communication medium which can engage and resonate with the students was imperative. Post the pandemic, as per an Amazon report, first-time laptop buyers came from Tier 2-3 cities – keeping this in mind and the fact that Bharat has more disposable incomes, more savings and thereby more propensity to spend on aspirational products.

Insight and Strategy

In Bharat, 90% users love to consume content in a language that they use to talk to family, friends and all their loved ones. The language that is deep rooted to their hearts.

We also knew that categories like Computer Devices, Computer Accessories, Non-Electronic Devices and Media are bought more among Bharat consumers. Preferences for regional language in social media led to our idea to influence their purchase decision while they are talking and discussing about buying a laptop with their friends on social media in the their language.

Intel chose the best way to communicate with the audience that connects them to Bharat through Sharechat.

Execution, Solution and Innovation

Sharechat enabled Intel to intercept the laptop buying journey of 20 million in-market audience, an audience who were engaging, discussing and sharing their laptop buying journey. Through Sharechat, we reached out to audiences in more than 26 states across Bharat with multilingual banners in 15 languages.

Result and Business Effect

  • Two fold increase in visitors on retailers page like Croma, Amazon and Flipkart
  • Served more than 57 million Impressions
  • Garnered more than 262k Likes
  • Delivered CTR of 1.15%
  • All results above the industry benchmarks
  • Clear communication and smart platform usage enabled the students with the right technology in a time of global crisis