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Tata Neu - ‘It’s True It’s Neu’

Tata Neu’s ‘It’s True It’s Neu’ Campaign creates history with phenomenally high CTRs & Conversion Rates using Big Basket Audience Data

The Challenge

Tata Neu is an integration of Tata group’s most trusted brands which are combined into a single super app. Not far from its inception, the newest super app in the market demanded quality downloads. The downloads were expected to be of high intent &  drive business.

Insight and Strategy

Trust, intent, motivation & expansion were the key pillars the brand leveraged to make the users hit that download button and meet the objective.

Trust: The lowest hanging fruit for the brand was the enormous first-party data base that Tata owns across their brands, that are stitched within the super app. The active users of these brands meant they already have the ‘Trust’ in Tata.

Intent: The focus was drawn to transacting first-party audience, who are active e-commerce buyers, which defined the ‘Intent.’

Motivation: There had to be reason for the first-party audience to give Tata Neu a chance and truly experience their offerings. Cut to Neu Coins - a simple yet exciting proposal. Every rupee that a user spent on the app, would give them 1 Neu Coin and every Neu Coin was equivalent to a rupee for their next purchase (1 Rupee spend = 1 Neu Coin = 1 Rupee for next purchase) which gave the perfect ‘Motivation’

Expansion: To make the best use of 1P data, we leveraged the data signals of Meta & YouTube to create lookalike audience at 1% to ensure incremental reach and also to ensure relevance at scale, which drove ‘Expansion.’

Execution, Solution and Innovation

Across the brands present on Tata Neu, Big Basket had the largest pool of 1P audience which accounted to a massive user base of ~60Mn. The nature of the Big Basket app ensured an actively transacting audience on a very regular basis. This audience base was uploaded onto Big Basket’s Google & Meta dashboards and shared across with Tata Neu’s ad account IDs on respective dashboards.

The audience upload saw a whopping 90% match rate on YouTube and 60% match rate on Meta, giving us a sizeable and an addressable audience base on both the platforms. Combining with the first-party data, we further created lookalike audiences of these cohorts, gathering additional 30Mn audience on YouTube and 12Mn on Meta. To educate the audience on Neu's services and Neu coin offers, we found that non-skippable ads on YouTube combined with in-stream ads on Meta was most effective.

To further ensure we have a full funnel approach, the second leg of the campaign aimed to retarget the people on Meta who watched at least 95% of the video (defining intent) but did not download the app. This accounted to the creation of a solid 13Mn+ retargeting audience pool.

Result and Business Effect

The platform selection enabled cross account audience sharing, backed by a high match rate & highly efficient cost. The campaign garnered a reach of ~50Mn with over 340Mn impressions, ~200Mn completed views & 4Mn+ clicks. A high CTR of 1.2% and 70% VTR stands as a testimony for positive performance.
Historical data showed highest conversions happening at 6+ frequency. Leveraging this data insight, backed by high intent 1P audience, we drove a frequency of 7 which helped us garner more than 50K quality downloads within a month’s time, at a healthy conversion rate of 1.19%