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Intel wanted to drive consideration for their 12th gen chipset and to achieve the same we partnered with 91Mobiles to curate a holistic approach. We activated influencer campaigns, search & stamp integration, retargeting via social posts & articles.



Post the launch of 12th gen Intel chipset, it was crucial to build consideration for Intel powered laptops among other big competitors like AMD and Apple. It was evident to focus on price, performance, and expert verdict to leave an impact on the consumer. To have all of this at once and to activate the same seamlessly was a colossal hurdle. Intel required a platform to activate all the afore mentioned touchpoints at the right time i.e., the time of research & purchase making moments.

Insight and


Predominantly, every laptop buyer starts their journey either on search or tech platforms like 91Mobiles and metrics like price, performance and expert opinion matter a lot. It was also evident to tackle competition brands to captivate their market share. Intel created seven custom list pages of Intel powered laptops on 91Mobiles which acted as landing pages for all the search queries on google as well as 91Mobiles. We also did Intel stamp integration along with widget presence on 91Mobiles to highlight Intel powered laptop capabilities. To tackle competition on 91Mobiles, we integrated suggested products on our competitor brand laptop searches. We also leveraged 15 tech influencers to share their verdict regarding Intel 12th gen powered laptops on social. Apart from all this, we also retargeted people with articles and social posts who were exposed to Intel integrations.

Execution, Solution

and Innovation

By tapping consumer journey right from google search, be it searching by price or feature, the custom list page created on 91Mobiles popped up. Once the user lands on 91Mobiles, the user is exposed to various Intel integrations like stamp, widget, and competition integration as well. The widget card gave information related to architecture, RAM, connectivity & speed of the laptop housing Intel 12th gen chipset. We also directed users to E-com stores like Croma and Flipkart to drive sales. To retarget audiences who were exposed to Intel integrations but did not take action, we leveraged tech influences who floated social posts and sponsored articles to build consideration. During the whole process users were provided with all the necessary information to make the purchase decision. Above all, we did a brand lift study to gauge the success of the campaign and it showed that people who were exposed to Intel integrations were aware of the importance of processors, preferred Intel powered laptop above competitors, were aware of features of Intel 12th gen and were ready to pay extra for Intel powered laptops.

Result and

Business Effect

To captivate on all kinds of laptop buyers on search we created 7 custom list pages of Intel powered laptops on 91mobiles these custom list pages acted as landing pages for our search campaign. The custom list pages were built keeping in mind the most popular search queries in this category. Due to highly relevant search results served, the search campaign hit 3mn+ impressions and 400k clicks on our custom intel powered laptop list pages on Google search. We further retargeted the users who visited these custom list pages with Ads to direct traffic to E-com websites.

• 20mn+ laptop shoppers and gadget enthusiasts were exposed to Intel integrations.
• Shoppers spent 330k+ hours on 91mobiles researching about Intel powered laptops.
• The campaign successfully directed 60k+ shoppers to E-com sites from custom list pages on 91mobiles.
• Most importantly the purchase intent for 12th gen Intel powered laptops grew by 3 folds.

By leveraging key consumer insights we were able to strengthen and sustain consideration for Intel powered laptops in a tough competitive environment.

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