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Pringles' powered-up collaboration with Twitch brought to life a misanthrope Zombie Cowboy called Frank that helped us reach the unreachable, engage the unwilling and convince the doubters. Gamers can be tricky folk, but Frank made them sit up, take notice, with an equivalent of over 65 years spent with him across various platforms, and ultimately eat 8% more Pringles.

Pringles are just for Christmas right?

Pringles had a problem; we were the ‘occasion’ crisp. The crisp you enjoyed with your mates or took to a party, limiting consumption moments. To change this, we harnessed the power of an everyday activity, whose audience love a snack to get more people, eating us more often. 

Gaming was the perfect vehicle, with 71% of gamers regularly snacking while playing. Crisps are gamers’ no. 1 snack of choice, making them a key area of opportunity for us, so we made them sit up and take notice. We knew we were their perfect snack – our non-greasy crisps are vital to maintaining optimum controller grip – but we needed them to know this too. 

Our mission: Align and associate Pringles with gaming authentically to become gamers’ no. 1 snack brand while being outspent 2:1 by our closest competitors.

  1. Gamers are notoriously hard to engage, so we had to think like a gamer to win their favour.  We eschewed just telling them why they should love us and instead went big, creating Frank, a Pringles-loving zombie cowboy from the game ‘West of Dead’ to wreak havoc across gaming streams
  2. To make Frank stand out and resonate in a world full of iconic characters, we onboarded Twitch, the world’s leading live-streaming service and home to millions of gamers.

Feeling Twitch-y

Twitch are about bringing people together, making it the perfect platform to take Frank from 6ft under to stratospheric stardom! Our strategy was to create show-stopping content that crucially involved the audience by eliminating the barrier between the online and the real world.

For the first time, we wanted to break a character out of a game, out of a screen and into the room of streamer Leahviathan, whom we identified as the perfect talent to create a mini-drama rather than just a stream. Attracted by the pop of a Pringles can, Frank burst out of WoD - live on Leah’s stream. Those tuning in could interact and fall in love with Frank, teaching him how to game and competing in challenges to win prizes.

Blurring the line between advertisement and entertainment

We worked with Twitch to bolster viewership via homepage activity ahead of the breakout without giving the game away. 

Leah’s stream began as usual: gaming, eating Pringles and chatting. The tone shifted when Frank started acting out of character. Suddenly, there was a loud thud as Frank broke through the screen and into her room, and the Twitch chat erupted! It was soon apparent that Frank wasn’t there to eat Leah but her Pringles. 

For 2 hours, the pair created bespoke, live content playing games and engaging the chat. This blurred the line between advertisement and entertainment, and Frank continued the experience by visiting seven other streamers across Europe. He then went on to star in Twitch Premium ads, capturing the attention of gamers daily for three months and finally, he returned to the game as a non-playable character, Pringles in hand!

Putting Pringles at the heart of Gamers' lives

Frank became the 10th most-watched Twitch stream ever, generating over 65 years’ worth of viewing in 3 months and helped deliver our strongest ever Xbox promotion with over 6m redemptions and even spawned his own fan art.

Ultimately Frank helped Pringles to their most successful campaign ever. Outspent by major competitors 2:1, Pringles increased sales by 8%.

Stephanie Thys

We are continuously looking to step up as a brand in the gaming space and to elevate the gaming experience through some unexpected fun which is exactly what the Twitch partnership adds to our plan while driving authenticity and credibility with Gamers!

Stephanie Thys Pringles EU Director, Kellogg Company
Chris Thomas

Kellogg’s and Pringles EU teams, together with Carat, continue to lead by example when it comes to activating ambitious and exciting campaigns on Twitch. By leaning into the authenticity of the streamers and the credibility of the Twitch environment Kellogg’s have once again reaped the rewards:  Astronomical levels of engagement and positive sentiment and all from an audience and community that are difficult to reach through traditional means.

Chris Thomas Sales Director
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