The evolution of creativity in video advertising: How far have we come? And where are we headed?

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With such drastic development in our use of data and technology over the last decade, it can often be easy to forget the creative foundations that video advertising formats were built on.

The Drum caught up with members of the IAB Video Steering Group to explore their own experience of creativity in video advertising. Our own, Kishan Parmar was on hand to share his thoughts.

Since the inception of video advertising, how have we seen creativity evolve into what we see today?

In its infancy, video advertising creative saw the much used 30” TVC ad run as advertisers’ sole online video creative. Fast-forward some years, it is evident that video creative has evolved into a more diverse set of formats and second lengths to best suit how users consume and interact with content. Achieving what was once unthinkable in that brands can now tell a story with six second video assets, utilising a range of formats such as In-Read video, Interactive Pre-Roll and dynamically targeted video to drive personalisation at scale.

Kishan Parmar, Display Partner, Carat

In a digital and data-driven world, why is it still so important to consider the creative?

Personalisation and relevancy are key not only for ad engagement, but also in affecting people’s overall perception of brands and publishers alike. The data rich environment that we now operate in allows us to connect creative with individuals by knowing what type of content they engage and respond positively to, coupled with the environments in which we know they enjoy consuming content. For example, by being able to utilise publisher data on how users interact with video content, we are able to determine what creative length and context is best to put in front of individuals. No one wants to be served a 30” sponsored pre-roll before a 20” video!

Kishan Parmar, Display Partner, Carat

Looking to the future, how will advancements in technology and innovation change creativity in digital advertising?

Millennials and Gen-Z in particular are adopting and using new forms of technology at a rate of knots. You only have to go as far as looking at user generated TikTok videos to see how creative their userbase is being with video content, whilst advancements in Connected TV technology are also seeing a greater volume of sponsored video content appear on the big screen. Both of these examples showcase how key it is that creative is adapted into a variety of iterations to align with the platform it is being served on, and ultimately, to captivate the audience that will be consuming it.

Kishan Parmar, Display Partner, Carat

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