Series: Future of FMCG

Future of FMCG is Carat’s response to the challenges that have been disrupting consumer goods for the last decade. Emerging competitors, new distribution channels, slowing growth, and changing consumer attitudes have forced brands to question the old truths of FMCG marketing.

Carat’s thought leadership series provides answers to the most pressing questions facing the category, from consumer understanding to growth, data, and organizational frameworks.  Based on our work with the world’s leading advertisers, we are mapping out a path towards an exciting and dynamic new model for big FMCG brands. Our position is that scale and innovation should be natural partners.

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Click here to download 1: From Eyeballs To Experiences 

Click here to download 2: How to Grow Brands Beyond Byron Sharp's How Brands Grow 

Click here to download 3: From Monologue to Moments, Targeting Needs to Stay Relevant

Click here to download 4: Overcoming Lockhome Syndrome

From eyeballs to experiences
In recent years, the FMCG category has been experiencing a slowing of growth. In the first report of Carat’s Future of FMCG series 'From Eyeballs To Experiences', Global Chief Strategy Officer Sean Healy sets out the case for FMCG brands to unlock the growth driving power of media by embracing a new consumer experience led model. Download the report here.

Beyond How Brands Grow
Byron Sharp’s 2010 best-seller ‘How Brands Grow’ has been a hugely impactful publication in the marketing industry. Firmly rooted in the traditional advertising model, it has probably had more influence on FMCG than any other category. The second article in Carat’s Future of FMCG series explores the relevancy of Sharp’s Laws of Growth a decade after they were written. Download the report here.

From monologues to moments
Timing is everything – but how to match your products with the right moments in people’s lives? As well as segmenting by audience, leading FMCG brands are becoming more sophisticated in segmenting by need-states and moments. This has significant implications for creative and media and will become ever more vital as the world moves away from cookies. In this report, Carat’s strategy partner Peter John Waine outlines how CPG brands can stay relevant by better addressing customers' need-states at the right time. Download the report here.

Overcoming Lockhome Syndrome
Exploring the rise of Lockhome Syndrome and its impact on consumer behaviour in the FMCG category. A high number of people staying at home has led to increased sales for consumer goods, new commercial business models and a shift in media habits.  Whether it be the rise of on-demand grocery deliveries, or the emergence of new competitors as brands like Pret and Hawksmoor produce retail products, Carat’s Head of Media Futures Dan Calladine explores how brands should respond to the consumer behaviour shifts which will challenge CPG marketing way beyond the COVID crisis. Download the report here.

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