How uncertainty will impact people's pockets (and how brands can navigate it)


Whatever your view of Rishi Sunak’s Spring budget – positive, negative, indifferent - the sad and inescapable fact is that the wider uncertainty we’re experiencing will mean less cash in people’s pockets. 

But how people feel and behave in 2022 will differ based on their circumstances and attitudes to finance, which means that brands - more than ever – must understand where people are coming from and how best to answer their needs through product, proposition or communications. 

This is central to our way of thinking and doing: Designing for People.

So, how will your customers be affected? Our new report, How uncertainty will impact people’s pockets (and how brands can navigate it), dives into the findings from the bespoke cluster segmentation we’ve built of the UK population, focused on attitudes and behaviours in relation to the Cost of Living Crisis, and will provide guidance on effective strategies that your brand can employ to support all of these segments.

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