Oreo and The Batman 3D billboard sees two American icons collide

This article first appeared on The Drum - 2 February 2022

Two American icons have well and truly met head-on as The Batman and Oreo collaboration takes a real-world turn with a breathtaking out-of-home (OOH) 3D activation in the UK.

Over the next two weeks, people up and down the nation might be surprised to look up and see Batman’s Batarang staring down at them as it slices through a giant cookie.

The billboard, created by Digitas, is the latest installment of the tasty partnership and will run across sites in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow until mid-February. Previously, comic book fans were treated to a fun-filled video that saw Gotham City recreated with sweet Oreo treats.

“We wanted to create something that immediately lands our partnership with The Batman by bringing the brands together in an original way,” said Rafael Espesani, senior brand manager at Oreo.

“It is instantly recognizable and helps us drive cultural relevance and excitement, while making the Oreo cookie look delicious and cool.”

Very much a team effort, Digitas collaborated with media agency Carat UK and production company MediaCo, as well as Elvis and Tin Man PR, on the project.

“Batman is only half the superhero without his many gadgets, all housed in his utility belt, and now there’s a tasty new addition he can have fun within Oreo cookies,” added Lazaros Nikiforidis, executive creative director at Digitas UK.

“What better way to announce an iconic partnership between two iconic brands than by freezing the moment and showing the impact of them coming together?”

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