Heinz Beanz and Magic Breakfast show how hunger affects kids

Heinz Beanz and Magic Breakfast are continuing their partnership with an out-of-home campaign that shows the impact of hunger on school children.

To bring to life the daily challenges faced by children who go to school hungry, the campaign uses Ocean's LookOut technology to create an interactive experience showing the severity of food insecurity experienced by some children in the UK.

As passers-by approach the screens they will be able to clearly read the sentence "It's harder for children to focus when they're hungry". The longer they stare, the more difficult the sentence becomes to read, with various letters losing focus and developing a life of their own through animation.

Ocean Labs delivered the campaign, DentsuMB were the creative lead and Posterscope and Carat handled media planning. It launches today (21 February) and will run for seven days across nine interactive digital screens in Birmingham, London, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle and Southampton. The chosen locations all have more than 30% of children living in poverty.

The ad asks people to donate £5 by text to the charity Magic Breakfast, which will provide one child with almost a month's worth of "magic" breakfasts. Heinz will match all donations received by text in the week of 21 February.

Lucy Cooke, brand manager at Heinz Beanz, said: "It's more important now than ever before that we continue our fight against child hunger with our brilliant partners Magic Breakfast. As families up and down the country face increasing financial pressure, we hope that our immersive campaign will raise further awareness of the issue of child hunger and encourage widespread donations to a vital cause.

"At Heinz, we strongly believe that no child should be too hungry to learn, that's why we've already pledged more than 16 million meals to help those at risk of going to school hungry. By donating through these billboards, you will be contributing toward helping some of the most disadvantaged children in the UK, helping to ensure these pupils can start their day with the energy and nutrition they need to make the most of their morning lessons."

The campaign is part of a five-year partnership between Heinz and Magic Breakfast, which works with more than 1,000 partner schools in the UK to provide nutritious breakfast food, including Heinz No Added Sugar Beanz, to about 200,000 children. Heinz has pledged 16 million meals to Magic Breakfast since their partnership began in 2019.

“There’s still a lot to be done to raise awareness of the scale and impact of child hunger in this country, especially the effect hunger can have on a child’s learning, which has long-term consequences on that child’s life. Magic Breakfast supports children living nearby to all nine of the billboards’ locations, so this is a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness of the issue in those communities.”

This article first appeared in Campaign on 21/02/22.

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