Diversity & Inclusion.

Inclusivity and belonging.

We believe that diverse perspectives fuel creativity and drive innovation.

We are committed to long-term sustainable change in society and within Carat to ensure a culture of fairness, equity and equality for all.

Celebrating and cultivating the diverse perspectives and individuality across our business is key to our success. 

At Carat we're intent on driving systemic change for a future where we have a fair and equitable workplace representing the societies in which we operate.

Our employee networks have been developed to help drive positive change across our business and society; helping us to foster a culture of inclusion where everyone can thrive because of who they are.

  • &Proud.


    An LGBT+ and allies network designed to champion LBGT+ inclusion and positive change across all areas of the business.

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  • One.


    Promoting and celebrating gender equality across our business and beyond. It is not just about driving one agenda or gender.

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  • Parents & Carers.

    Parents & Carers

    We're a family friendly business. We believe in a 21st century approach to agile and flexible working. We also offer enhanced shared parental leave to support work life balance for everyone.

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  • Represent


    Our ethnic diversity network for underrepresented employees to have a space within the business to listen, learn and share experiences.

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  • Social Impact

    Social Impact

    Social Impact is our strategy to conquer the 'digital divide', and to use ideas and data to highlight opportunities, inequalities, innovations and solutions to society's greatest challenges.

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  • Wellbeing


    Wellbeing is extremely important to us at Carat. We have programmes of support available for everyone around mental, physical and financial wellbeing.

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