#21 Days Social Campaign

2017 | Manchester

The #21Days Social Campaign was Carat’s first social campaign for Holland & Barrett. Employing ‘content firsts’, including shoppable in-feed video and stop motion video, we delivered a measurable and engaging campaign that delivered outstanding results for Holland & Barratt.

E 8 Million Total Impressions


Holland & Barratt tasked us with driving engagement in the weight management category using the power of social during the competitive January peak.
They wanted to be positioned at the forefront of the UK health and fitness zeitgeist that is gathering traction through the social communities.


Weight management is huge on social media with over a million conversations across 2016 with 11% of those conversations happening in January.

Social conversation peaks in the beginning of January and starts to tail off through February – reflecting people’s motivation levels.
Capitalising on the high interest in early January and then helping customers maintain momentum after this time was key to customers’ long term success.

There’s a lot of uncertainty when it comes to losing weight. Some of the most prominent topics of conversation are around ‘tips’, ‘trying to lose weight’ and ‘helps’, while top searches include ‘how to lose weight’ and ‘how to lose weight fast’.
People are looking to friends, peers, experts and influencers across social media for advice and motivation.

The Solution

A full-funnel customer approach was developed to drive engagement with, and sales of, weight management products.

Taking into consideration social and search trends in January we needed a concept that would allow us to confidently claim the conversation around healthy habits and changes, at a time when consumer insight indicated we could achieve maximum impact.

#21Days was the creative platform to kick start weight management success with a simple, achievable and fun 21-day challenge designed to help customers form healthy habits.

Three key pillars underpinned the content creation, platform section and targeting techniques. The campaign was delivered across a combination of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The campaign needed to tie back to the customer funnel framework, informing the content messages that we delivered, the platform that we utilised, the type of content and the method of targeting. Taking customers through the funnel from inspiration through to engagement and then subsequently to conversion was key.

We delivered a number of ‘content firsts’ such as shoppable in-feed videos, user generated content and stop motion video. We also pioneered a new take on the BIPs programme that leveraged innovative post formats delivering value for both suppliers and H&B.

Collaboration was key, with the centralised campaign themes of #21Days fuelling both our organic and paid social. Creating a unified strategy allowed us to drive a social campaign unlike any other H&B have done before.

This collaboration also extended to Holland & Barratt’s digital channels including website assets on the homepage, health hub and email. As well as across the breath of Carat digital channels such as call outs on Google. The combination of unified social planning, plus agility in activation across channels, as the campaign was in flight, was the main factor of the overall success.

E 8 Million Total Impressions
A 2 Million Unique Users Reached
w 502k Engagements
v 26k Incremental Visits to Sight
l 9.62k New Social Fans
r 9.7k Email Sign Ups
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