Quality Meat Scotland: Using Taste to Engage Key Consumers

2014 | Edinburgh

The challenge for Quality Meat Scotlandwas the diverse set of objectives for both

For Scotch Beef home chefs were already turning to the meat – however competition is fierce when promoting high quality ingredients and they had to stay ahead of competitors. Conversely, when it came to Scotch Lamb there was a reluctance to use lamb as an everyday ingredient – it was seen as too high value, high maintenance and low on versatility to feature on everyday tables.

QMS needed a channel that was affordable, spoke to the target audience, and most importantly was flexible enough to allow a series of communications that allowed us to address the challenges. Most importantly though – we needed to bring in taste as a key element to the campaign as this is QMS’s strongest brand asset.


2012 - Scotch beef london 

In 2012 our taste experience journey started with Carat and QMS running the first blogger outreach event.

We knew a traditional campaign with low budget would do little to drive engagement; however a blogger outreach event was a perfect environment to engage with a respected group of bloggers who would then help spread the taste word. When it comes to food, recipes and home dining we found consumers wanted to be advised by experts and peers alike, rather than be marketed to by brands.

Additionally, blogger outreach allows us to select the ideal bloggers and the format of the communication both matched to the brief. Our first event focused on key food bloggers and journalists with foodie followers, with the aim to increase brand awareness and emphasise the quality of Scotch Beef amongst the target audience (who were biased towards London residents).

The event was an exclusive blogger dinner held at a Scotch Beef Club restaurant in London which involved a unique 6 course taster menu and interactive presentation from the Head of Marketing at QMS.

The evening was complete with social coverage, journalist presence and takeaway blogger packs. The event captured the tastes of chefs, bloggers, the public and QMS.

The outcome of the event delivered:

• 14 post event reviews in the press and on blogs
• 12 recipes posted on high profile foodie sites like MSN Food
• Social coverage and SEO visibility gains.
• However, the real win was that the post event reviews were being read by real and relevant people, those who were making that night’s dinner and who perhaps previously had not realised the quality of dishes they could make with Scotch Beef.


In 2013 we shifted focus to Scotland. QMS’s home market was a key location in terms of convincing people to try lamb as a staple ingredient and demonstrate it was versatile, quick and easy. Therefore we needed to deliver tasty recipes that could be easily recreated at home.

The next event in Edinburgh was a cookery event, and a group of well-read ‘mummy bloggers’ were invited along. Three recipes were demonstrated by a cookery school head chef, before being recreated and voted on by the bloggers.

They were also provided with the cuts of lamb to allow them to recreate the meals at home, and social coverage was encouraged using the hashtag #WhamBamThankYouLamb. The event generated strong coverage with 17 positive posts on widely read blogs.


Continuing on our taste journey, our 2014 event was based around the very on trend Street Food in Glasgow. The campaign was aimed to encourage people to purchase fresh lamb during the peak Scotch Lamb PGI season. To drive wider participation we set up a Street Food Festival, with a twist – the numerous stalls were all serving up different cuisines, all made with lamb. Influential food (international and Scottish) bloggers, journalists and the general public were invited along and as such the event was much more family friendly than those previously run.

For this event we also invited vloggers, capitalising on the growth of YouTube food coverage and therefore allowed greater amplification of our lamb inspired recipes.

2014 - out on the farm

For this event we also invited a group of international bloggers to aid relationships with key regions. This group visited a Scotch Lamb farm prior to the event to learn about the meat process. Once again we had great coverage and engagement with 15 blog/YouTube posts in total.

The QMS blogger outreach strategy has proven a fantastic opportunity to engage with influencers via the physical taste of the product and creating an experience that inspires and encourages sharing and natural amplification.

As a taste experience it will continue to evolve and allow QMS to engage in a relevant and credible way and deliver exactly against our core objectives with key players within the food world.

bringing together the right ingredients

In 2014, Wham Bam Lamb was about making cooking with lamb seem easy, and providing the recipes to allow people to do that. For that reason it included a recipe rich site, cooking demonstrations and vlogger activity (we know YouTube is the source of all ‘easy recipe video’ content!) on top of the elements we had delivered in previous years – but the real hook of the event was the Street Food angle.

Not only is ‘street food’ in vogue, but it’s considered simple, and delicious. The Street Food theme tied the objectives to a well received, well-attended and much enjoyed event.

QMS is all about demonstrating how delicious and versatile
Scotch Beef and Lamb can be. You need a personal touch to
deliver this; ideally you want people to taste the meat itself. However, that doesn’t drive significant awareness.

Blogger experiences are more likely to be trusted over an advertising board, and blogger events allow us to extend that ‘personal touch’ to a wider audience.

the power of taste

Each of the campaigns also utilised other channels to raise awareness and drive sales. Outdoor (mix of roadside, rail and supermarket point of sale) was the lead channel for both Scotch Lamb and Scotch Beef campaigns.

Inserts within quality press gave recipe inspiration to readers and promoted the use of QMS products. There was also an element of digital display to support the other activity which focussed on rich media formats for impact.

Most impressively though, the key objective of the campaign, Brand Awareness of Scotch Lamb, increased from 70% in 2012 to 81% in 2014 which is a fantastic result. In London, a key region for Scotch Beef, where the blogger activity took place we saw an increase in brand awareness from 41% in 2012 to 49% by 2014 – another great result – demonstrating that making taste the integral part of the communications strategy was able to deliver measurable results.

"QMS were keen to start a dialogue with key opinion leaders who are interested in food. We are conscious that, geographically, our conversations have to be different, varying from the best ingredient to use in Greater London and in our export markets to the versatility of Scotch Lamb in our home market. Carat and iProspect accepted our challenge to successfully target key bloggers in the food arena and successfully started a dialogue with them with great results."

Suzie Carlaw Market Controller, QMS
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