Edinburgh Leisure


Edinburgh Leisure is the biggest sport and leisure club in town! With 15 sports centres, 140 pitches, 5 bowling greens, 6 golf courses and the world’s largest climbing arena, Edinburgh Leisure is dedicated to getting more people active in Edinburgh than any other fitness or health provider.

However, there were some big challenges on the horizon for Edinburgh Leisure.


The challenges

Firstly, as a not-for-profit organisation that runs all of these facilities on behalf of City of Edinburgh Council, the biggest challenge over the next 2 years is funding.

Therefore Edinburgh Leisure need to start generating revenue now to ensure they can keep the volume and level of services currently available to the Edinburgh public as high as possible. As well as this, Edinburgh Leisure’s vision is to inspire Edinburgh to be a more active and healthy city, with an ultimate goal of making Edinburgh the most physically active city in Europe by 2020. No small challenge!

What makes that goal even more difficult is the fierce competition that Edinburgh Leisure faces – not just from the plethora of other gyms out there, but from other more sedate leisure activities too! Edinburgh Leisure has to convince the people of Edinburgh to get off the couch, stop binge-watching on Netflix and avoid that café in Bruntsfield or Stockbridge and take part in some active, healthy exercise for at least 30 minutes a week – which over a quarter of adults in Edinburgh (26%) don’t even manage to fit in!


The objectives were clear – the first and most important step is getting more people through the doors!
From Glenogle to Gracemount, Meggetland to Meadowbank, Craiglockhart to the Commie Pool, we need to get more visitors coming in and getting active. 

However, once is not enough! Once we’ve got people active we need to keep them coming back for more.Therefore, Edinburgh Leisure’s September Membership campaign was going to be crucial in driving not only visitors but increasing memberships and beginning long-term relationships with the citizens of Edinburgh.

For this campaign, clear goals were set to generate 500 x 7 Day passes & 1,600 memberships during the September membership campaign.

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