Reintroducing Tresor to gamers

Our Goal

The objective was to reengage a gaming audience whose perception towards Trésor was less than positive. To achieve this we shifted the communication strategy from talking to gamers, to talking with gamers. This meant putting dialogue and interaction at the heart of our campaign.

What we did

Through a three-month partnership with popular Twitch channel LeStream and its influencers, Trésor, The Story Lab, and Webedia, we created an interactive and reactive story full of twists and humour.

Our story focused on the investigation into the kidnapping of two influencers by the brand figure Chocovore. The channel’s influencers encouraged viewers to unmask the Chocovore to determine who was behind the kidnapping and to share bespoke Chocovore emotes created for the Twitch chat. The story culminated in a live event where the real kidnapper was revealed.

The engagement factor

Using audience feedback from the chat box we rapidly changed the storyline, sometimes in real-time, to focus on areas of high engagement.

We departed from the traditional model of branded influencer content. Our content was almost entirely reactive based upon ongoing feedback from our audience and qualitative data. This gave us and the influencers the ability to tailor the story to areas where our audience were most engaged. The casters were able to adjust, react, and correct in real-time by reading the messages coming through the chat. The feedback loop strengthened over the course.


The nature of the campaign meant that all results were organic, we did not pay for any views. By the end of the three-month campaign we had delivered tens of millions of organic views on Twitch and YouTube across both live streams and repeats.

The Chocovore Twitch emotes were used over 3 million times during the campaign and that number continues to rise despite the campaign having finished

This evidence of life beyond the campaign suggests Trésor and the Chocovore have found a permanent place within the gaming community.

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