Go Large with Intel

This case study shows how we worked with Intel to help them maintain SOV for their mainstream products within the retail and e-commerce space.



Retail and e-commerce is a critical sales engine to position Intel as a processor of choice whenever the consumer chooses a PC. The task at hand was to ensure we maintain SOV for Intel mainstream products - 10th,11th Gen, entry, thin-n-light and up the level in gaming and premium laptops.

Insight and


Amazon and Flipkart being the key players, competition dialed up their SOV on these platforms and ramped up on Intel's brand share. We not just wanted to defend our share, but also drive preference in premium-segment and continue our strong position.

We identified the consumer's requirement/searches were very much evolved due to pandemic and the new-normal. They were bang-on to the necessity of Learning, Work-From-Home, Business, Gaming related laptops and not restricted to basic keywords. We named this audience as “INIA-Intel's New Identified Audience".

So, from basic SOV/KWs bucketing we changed our strategy and introduced “Fighter Keywords” to cater this new audience and tackle competition.

Execution, Solution

and Innovation

We started targeting the consumers basic requirements/searches along with popular category keywords:

1. For consumers looking for learning/education searches - we showcased student/entry-level laptops,
2. For working, we targeted work-from-home, Webcam, Alexa-inbuilt, high-sound entry, and thin-n-light laptops,
3. We all noticed the huge spike in gaming, we absolutely didn't miss it and targeted graphics/RAM/FHD, high-config loaded gaming laptops
4. Similarly, targeted business-consumer searches related to startup/small-business laptops
5. We also introduced premium laptops with high config, fastest, long-battery, loaded with feature for premium-audience, largely looking for Apple/high-cost laptops

Additionally, with Flipkart's new property-PC Finder, Intel helped consumers to filter the right device for them by choosing quick multiple choice questions by clicking through the ATF-masthead property.

Result and

Business Effects

The amplification of Fighter-keywords and INIA helped us gain back our SOVs against competition and spiked the brand keyword SOVs.

What we delivered:

  • SOV as high as 40% in generic, 55% in comp and 80% in branded KWs
  • Achieved CTR of 0.9%
  • Sold 320k+ units
  • ACOS dropped by 45%
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