Revolutionizing the Retail Experience

Deriving from a dentsu Idea Jam, we uncovered a variety of opportunities that were both disruptive and helped future proof Intel’s innovation strategy by flipping the traditional in-store shopping experience on its head during a time where COVID has changed everything, with a focus on capitalizing how our audience is now living and shopping differently.  We built an AR/3D compatible experience that mimicked the traditional in-store shopping experience, with product demos and comparisons, the opportunity for face-to-face interactions and education, and an easy path to purchase. 

Building a Comprehensive Retail Experience 

Knowing the sales associate is the most influential at the point of sale, we employed tech retail experts that were on staff to answer questions from our mobile-go-getter target audience, deployed through a Google incubator program chatbot ad unit called Adlingo, enabling the interested shopper to talk one on one and set up an educational session for further product comprehension. 

We activated with influencers through Youtube Premieres, giving the mobile-go-getter a chance to chat live to the influencer upon launch of their Premiere as a one-two punch. The shopping experience included a compare module so the user could understand the new features and benefits the Evo laptops possessed that were not previously available on older laptop models. We built a comprehensive retail experience that hit all aspects of what you’d expect from shopping in store to the comfort of our target’s home.  

Long Lasting Experiences 

We partnered with our creative agency of record, VMLY&R, to activate Code Seeker, the Internet’s Most Advanced Scavenger Hunt. Over the course of 11 days, clues were deployed across the internet directing MGG’s to find codes to redeem for a free Evo laptop. While the clues lived exclusively on Instagram, we hid codes throughout the internet and within the shopping experience: 

  • A code was hidden within the AR/3D immersive experience when you physically walked up to the laptops and engaged with the OEM laptop 
  • Codes were hidden in high impact units (scroll, swipe to reveal) 
  • A code was hidden in the query string of a search URL 

We knew that our audience, tech forward/early adopters that are highly social love experiences. We also knew that the sales associate is highly influential, and acts as the most influential person at the point of sale. So, while our target was avoiding crowds, and living and shopping differently, we wanted to create an experience that would remain steadfast even after the world returns to a more normal state and COVID shopping habits subside. 


Behavioral & Reach Metrics 

  • The Evo campaign reached 98% of the Mobile Go-Getter audience
  • 3D Swirl ad units performed at 5.7x benchmark 
  • Adlingo desktop/mobile performed 2.2x/1.8x Google’s benchmark
  • SEM Code seeker ads saw a search impression share of 26%, 11p above benchmark 
  • Our desktop 3D showroom drove a 10.54% CTR to ‘Shop Now’ pages 
  • The Interactive showroom drove 7x Intel's standard page content interaction rate

Brand Lift Study Results 

  • Adlingo drove +15pp lift against the ad recall
  • +9pp lift in aided brand awareness
  • +7.9 pp lift in purchase intent 
  • High impact placements through Kargo drove +12.4pp lift in brand association 
  • TrueX high impact exposure increased brand awareness by 39%, driving 3x more lift in brand preference as compared to category average
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