The Human Element: Year in Review (Part 5)

Executive Summary 

  • In the latest episode of the Human Element, we look back on the year with a few members of Carat's leadership team, reflecting on the wonderful guests who have joined us and (of course) some holiday memories along the way.
  • The discussion highlighted a desire for more emphasis on creativity in media, emphasizing the pivotal role of storytelling in rekindling creativity and human connection in advertising.
  • The conversation touched on the rapid evolution of streaming, unlocking opportunities in media partnerships, and the unforeseen rapid integration of AI across industries. The evolution of influencers and the creator economy emerged as areas of interest, noting their potential, evolution, and impact on content distribution and viewer experiences. 


 The Human Element: A Year in Review (Part 5)

 As we wind down the year, it's reflection time for our leaders. Amidst holiday chatter and learnings from 2023, we peppered some predictions for the future. Carat's focus on connecting through culture shines through with our inspirations coming from varied sources— from the book 'Lessons in Chemistry,' to the vigor of our junior talent, the power of side projects, and the humility within our teams. 

In designing for people, we must emphasize creativity, seeking to reignite the spark of storytelling and the human essence in advertising. A key component expressed was the importance of valuing humanity over raw data in an industry that should celebrate and cater to shared human experiences, aiming for a more people-centric approach rather than being solely driven by numbers. 

And a piece of advice we would tell ourselves if we could go back to January 2023? The importance of savoring moments and embracing the present fully. The perennial surprise at how swiftly time passes each year. Then, another reminder—to relish moments, make memories, and cherish those around who matter—that amidst life's rollercoaster, tough days can morph into brighter ones, and the reverse can hold true as well. The key advice? Embrace life as it unfolds, navigating the highs and lows as they come. 

And this year what did the industry rapidly embrace? (but, we left AI out of it - as it's a given.

Streaming's growth has been phenomenal, ushering in opportunities for agencies and clients – and we’re only predicting more and more consolidation in that space in 2024. We're delving deeper into partnerships and talent, poised for closer collaborations. The shifting landscape of influencers and creators is reshaping content delivery. We’re also keeping an eye on the evolving creator economy and the innovative, low-budget content crafted for platforms like TikTok and Reels with exciting brand collaborations.

And something we can all agree —From the most seasoned leaders to the freshest faces, there's an innate understanding that we all belong here. This inclusivity forms the backbone of Carat, creating an environment where ideas flourish, bonds strengthen, and we aim high with collective aspirations.

And with that the 2023 season comes to an end. Tune into the full conversation here.

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