SXSW 2018 key trends

During this year's SXSW Interactive Conference, we noticed the festival's evolution, going beyond just the latest tech and taking on the tough topics. There are eight key trends that advertisers should take away from SXSW 2018.

In 2007, SXSW was the launching pad for the once tiny micro-blogging site called Twitter. Two years later, a social location platform Foursquare became the talk of the show. But the festival, originally known for deal-making, fundraising and app launches, has evolved. In fact, it hasn’t had a breakout app since Meerkat went viral in 2015. This year, the conference reflected a changing tech landscape. Panelists tackled major issues like decentralization, inclusion, cybersecurity, sexual harassment, healthcare, surveillance, and the responsibility social platforms have to place checks on their power. Panelists, filmmakers, and music acts represented a noticeably more diverse array of talent than in the past – showcasing more women and people of color. Overall, sessions left conference goers with a feeling of empowerment, ownership, and a message that we need to create the change that we want to see- be it in tech, innovation, marketing, or entertainment. 


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