Honoring our Paternal Figures: Happy Father’s Day from Carat

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate the paternal role in each of our lives. We all have a story of fatherhood that has influenced us whether from biological fathers, stepfathers, uncles, coaches, role models, or grandparents who have been there for us through thick and thin. 

Our people are our greatest strength, and we take pride in being an agency built for families and being able to provide our people with the necessary support and care when they need it most, from extensive parental and caregiver leave to help with therapy, specialist support in adoption, fertility, and surrogacy. 

To celebrate Father’s Day, we are proud to highlight some of the caregivers at our agency who are the foundation for their families and have helped to build the foundation of Carat. 

How does being a parent/role model for young children influence your leadership style?

My children have recently taken up gymnastics, and the motto that is scrolled on the wall is “be stubborn about your goals, but flexible with your methods.” I have 3 children, and as I watch them grow, I have realized there isn’t a one-size fits all solution to getting them to maximize their potential. Sometimes they need someone to hold their hand and walk them through something new and scary. Other times, they need to be pushed a little to venture out and do something they find daunting. They vary in their ability to master their craft, but they both get something out of going to gymnastics. Not everyone on your team is a rockstar, and that’s OK as long as you’re stubborn about your goals for them and flexible about your methods.

 – Rob Rodriguez, Associate Director, Paid Search 

My niece is fascinated by the fact that I’ve worked with partners like Tasty and wants to be a celebrity chef on Tiktok. I love inspiring teams to enjoy creative aspects of our jobs, it can bring so much joy to our lives and people around us.

 – Sidharth Gowda, SVP, Strategy 

What is the biggest challenge/benefit to working from home and being a parental figure? 

Being able to work from home and see my daughter throughout the day is more than I could have asked for. Instead of only seeing her in the morning and maybe if I got home in time, I get to experience all the firsts and be an active presence all the time. The challenge is knowing she is crawling in the living room or knocking on my door to come out and play when I can’t do it. 

Michael Kotick, SVP, Group Director

How do you explain your job to the young children in your life?

I’ve tried to explain to them that your dad helps companies sell things to people and when you see a commercial on TV that is what we do. They of course think that every commercial on TV I had something to do with and provide notes on how to make each one better. 

Mike Gantz, SVP, Group Director, Planning

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