Designing for the Game

Gaming has become more mainstream than ever, with millions of people playing, watching and discussing every day. In return, consumers’ attitudes and behaviors towards gaming is changing rapidly. 

To connect to this engaged audience, brands have met their consumer where they are – in the game. Brands have a unique opportunity to reach key demographics, create memorable content, and design for people in order to enhance individual gaming habits and preferences. 

When designing for gamers, brands should put value at the center of their approach. By consistently engaging and adding to the community, brands build authenticity and are able to utilize the space to tell their brand story, connect with their community and garner attention. All of this is done in a relentless pursuit of understanding the space and putting the consumer first to ensure advertisers are being additive. Consistency is key where we look to build long standing relationships in gaming. By designing for people, we help our clients build lasting strategies that allow flexibility to account for the dynamism of the gaming space. 

In dentsu’s new exclusive, global gaming report, For the Game, we provide a trove of strategies for brands to think beyond current ways to advertise, taking incremental steps to build a cohesive and thorough presence, not only in games, but also in the environments that gamers rally around. Read the full report here. 

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