Carat US and Hero Collective to Form Strategic Partnership Focused on Creating Impactful Strategies & Content Through Cultural Understanding

To advance their new brand purpose “Designing for People,” Carat US announced the strategic partnership with Black-owned strategy, digital, and creative agency Hero Collective. The partnership will help clients future-proof their brands through purpose-driven, culture-forward insights & strategies, and media approaches. Hero Collective will also partner with Carat US to offer insightful and forward-looking diversity, equality and inclusion advisory and work to its clients.

At the core of this strategic partnership, Carat and Hero Collective are unveiling a unique offering called Carat Hero EQ. Carat Hero EQ is an opportunity to seek and understand how brands can be built through greater emotional intelligence and detailed knowledge of audience segments by codifying and identifying where brands should be playing in culture and why. The Carat Hero EQ services range from insights and strategy projects, ideation workshops, content approaches and bringing impactful ideas to life through meaningful media.

“Partnering with Hero Collective is another testament to Carat’s commitment towards putting people and culture at the center of what we do,” said Angela Steele, CEO of Carat US. “The role of media agencies has changed, and this partnership will enable forward-looking and human-centered impact through media.”

On this partnership, Joseph Anthony, Founder and Chief Hero, Hero Collective said: “Carat HERO EQ has been created to help brands identify and activate their cultural superpower in a way that works for all their consumers, especially those that are often overlooked and our partnership with Carat will help bring their perspectives to the forefront.”

This partnership is the latest in Hero Collective’s portfolio of 20+ projects aimed to drive meaningful cultural and social change through creative output, experiences, and platforms for purpose-driven partners. In recent months, Hero Collective has launched purpose-focused partnerships and work with partners such as Bustle Digital Group and Band-Aid.

In late 2020, Carat announced a global rebrand centered around empathy and emotional intelligence. Partnering with Hero Collective builds on Carat’s ‘designing for people’ approach, which places the emotional needs of clients and consumers at the heart of every decision, from planning to execution.

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