Carat Brand EQ 2022: US Edition


At Carat, we are fascinated by people and what drives their behaviors and attitudes. We are equally fascinated by brands, how they grow, and what they mean to people. This means that we are always seeking to push the boundaries of how we can better connect the two.

We call the framework we use to build better experiences between people and brands Designing for People. Building more emotionally intelligent experiences that give brands a competitive advantage is a key outcome of our work.

We set out to explore the components of emotional intelligence to better understand the quality of experiences that people have with brands, and whether ‘more human’ brands are more successful. What we found in our first report in 2020 was that achieving high EQ makes sound business sense as successful brands had a strong sense of purpose and were connected to culture. The Top 20 Brand EQ performers also over performed massively versus notable indices like the S&P 500 and the FTSE 100.

In 2021, we found that this trend had been accentuated even further by the global pandemic. Many top performers have acted with confidence and creativity to help their customers adapt to new ways of living.This report dives into the factors that contribute to high EQ for key category leaders in the US today.

Download Carat's Brand EQ 2022 Report that covers:

  • Why Brand EQ is more important than ever 
  • How US brands compete in Brand EQ
  • Delivering higher EQ experiences

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